Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday Quickie: Dita Von Teese

“I’ve collected lingerie since I was a little girl. But I wasn’t able to wear a bra until I was older, in the Eighties, and I was quite disappointed with my first bra — an ugly training bra,” said Von Teese. “It became a reminder in my thought process, and I later saved up to buy a favorite item — a robin’s-egg-blue silk garter belt, which I still treasure and keep. I didn’t equate it with seduction, but merely that I was a woman and thought of it as a little bit of luxury.


via Women's Wear Daily

Monday, April 1, 2013

Let's Discuss: The Greatness of Granny Panties

Guys, I just want to take a moment to discuss the most un-loved of all lingerie, the granny panty. I know we look down on these because they're not considered sexy, but let's discuss the benefits for a moment, k?

1. They're widely available in cotton, which means supreme breathability for your ladyparts.
2. Cotton means you won't have to suffer through a day of itchy lace.
3. Neutrals are in! Tans, browns, beiges, whites—they come in all shades of neutrals, which means they're (kind of) in style!
4. If your jeans are too low, these babies are sure to help you avoid showing off your plumber's crack.
5. Most importantly... Happy April Fools Day.

Normal coverage of sexy lingerie to come soon.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Lingerie Unicorn

Certainly we all have one, right? The one that got away. The dream lingerie set that appears from time to time on our favorite lingerie websites or boutiques, then vanishes before we can set down our credit cards and claim it once and for all.

This cami from The Lake and Stars is my own personal lingerie unicorn, almost six years running now. Y'all know I've been obsessed with the Royale version with the ribbons (unfortch Journelle's warehouse sale didn't have my size, sob).  So when Allison Beale tweeted at me to let me know that it's back in Journelle (and on, I silently freaked out. Could it be? Could this be the end of my hunt? 

Unfortunately my accountant hasn't filed my tax returns yet, and I'm pessimistic that this gorgeous cami will still be in stock when I finally get them. However, it's great to see The Lake and Stars are still bringing back their classic styles each season. Gives me comfort to know that it's not as ephemeral as it once seemed.

The Lake and Stars Classic Camisole, $160. The Lake and Stars Classic Tap Pant, $65. Available at

Friday, February 8, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside.

There's a blizzard underway in NYC (which I'm hoping doesn't get as bad as everyone's predicting, knock on wood) but I've got my lingerie to keep me warm. Especially this new "Chelsea" set from new luxury-lingerie line Ampere. Co-founder Jiabei Chen invited a few lucky ladies to an afternoon tea last weekend to preview the debut pieces from Ampere and for us to treat ourselves to a pretty pre-Valentine's Day something.

As I noted on Facebook the other day, even though the debut pieces from Ampere are limited to three styles (two bra/thong sets & a beautiful silk romper), the designs are so obviously tailored to the modern Manhattan power woman. With style names like "Chelsea", "Madison", and "Gramercy", the debut collection solidifies the brand's connection to New York City, but when you further examine the pieces, you understand the women who also inspires Ampere. She's the next generation of power women—beautiful, ambitious, incredibly smart, but still appreciates the small boost of je ne sais quoi that fine lingerie can inject into her everyday attitude—much like the ladies I met at the afternoon tea event.

I'll follow up with another post about sizing. I'm currently breaking in my new bra so I'll have more updates on sizing tips after that!

And if you're in the path of Blizzard Nemo... stay warm, stay safe!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What to Expect at This Year's Journelle Warehouse Sale

Yours truly was lucky enough to score an invite to Journelle's Warehouse Sale VIP shopping preview last night to survey the goods before the sale opens up today at 9am to the public. This year they moved it to the space at 260 Fifth Avenue, best known to lingeristas as where the La Perla sample sale usually happens. The offering is even bigger this year than last, and with champagne flowing for VIPs last night, it helped ease the transactions a bit (but at least I still managed to stick to my budget—within a range of 50 cents, but still, within my budget).

What to expect:
- PUT EFFORT INTO HUNTING FOR YOUR SIZE. I found a few 34-band bras on the 36 racks.
- Bins of patterned Wolford stockings, marked down to $25 flat
- Bins of La Fee Verte silk bottoms (shorties, undies, boxers) in a great assortment of patterns
- Racks of La Fee Verte rompers, robes and camisoles
- Stella McCartney, Myla and Lascivious are on racks on the right side (if you're facing into the space), past the cash wrap; both bras & bottoms are hanging on the racks
- Racks on the left side (if you're facing into the space) are packed with Elle Macpherson, Mimi Holliday, The Lake and Stars (so many items from TLaS) and Simone Perele; matching bottoms for these are in bins sorted by size in the row of tables that run through the center of the space. A few bras and undies from Bodas are here too in black and pale pink colors (sizes seemed limited)
- Timpa bras & bottoms are on tables near the La Fee Verte bins
- A few Arlotta cashmere robes (my dream) are on racks near the back
- A few Eberjey jersey robes on racks near the center of the space
- Clearance bins in the back of the space near the fitting area
- Fitting room is communal, lots of big mirrors and you can only take in 10 items at a time

Phew! I think that covers the big points that stood out to me. I scooped up my dream birthday wishlist  Mimi Holliday Mojito set for a total of $79 (let's remember the bottom itself retailed for $76), an Eberjey fleece-lined robe sample for a fraction of the retail price, and an amazingly comfortable Bodas set—let me just say that I have seen the light and I'm not turning back.

Journelle Warehouse Sale
260 Fifth Avenue, at 28th Street
January 15-18, 9am-7pm / January 19, 10am-4pm

A jumble of La Fee Verte bottoms

One of the two The Lake and Stars racks

A Stella bralette that didn't make the cut

Journelle cares about you