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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Snuggle Buddies for the Impending Winter

I don't know about anyone else, but I felt like us NYC-ers were enjoying a pretty nice Indian Summer well through October until Hurricane Sandy hit. Now it's freeeezing (not to mention the bizarre snowstorm the other week), and all I can do is stare at my closet and lament the lack of cuddly sweaters and cozy things to wear while I freeze in my room (I'm in a corner unit so two walls exposed to the wild Manhattan winds).

Thus the idea for this post was born: pajammies and robes and comfy knit things to snuggle up in this winter. Well, at least things I'd want to wear while curled up in my bed catching up Elle, Hearst, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and W that I haven't caught up on since September issues—many of which I have yet to dig into... like, I'm making some progress but c'mon guys, I could use those September issues as weights.

From top to bottom:
Marni Silk Pajama Shirt, $660. Available online at
Julianne Jeanne Luxury PJs, $268. Available online at
Eberjey Heather Jersey Top, $75 and Drawstring Pants, $75. Available online at
VPL Shift Cardigan, $495. Available online at

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Say Hi to Thursday: Convexity Breaker Jersey Dress by VPL

Say Hi to Thursday, a special day of the week when there's only one more work day before a glorious weekend awaits. Pretty Little Underthings will showcase a weekend-perfect piece we'd love to wear.

Convexity Breaker Jersey Dress by VPL
Dear Net-a-Porter,

I love you and your always impeccably selected intimates and loungewear collections (except for the pieces by a brand I will not name but likes to plaster their name on the rear of colorful terrycloth pants, though I will overlook that), and this dress by VPL is no exception. 

This dress is so easy and flowy, and it's the perfect combo of VPL's signature bralette plus a maxi skirt to keep the rest of you left to the imagination. 

So my request: please restock the sold-out sizes, especially the smaller ones because I really want one.


Convexity Breaker Jersey Dress, $295. Available at

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tempting Tuesdays: VPL Liquid Jersey Bra and Briefs

Tuesdays will feature a lustworthy lingerie set and a suggested retailer. I think we all need a little something beautiful to at least look at to get us through the week. Hope you love them as much as I do!

VPL Liquid Jersey Bra and Briefs
In honor of the upcoming Holiday season, I'd like to dedicate this week's Tempting Tuesday set to one of my best friends, Erica. She is the ultimate lover of all things sparkly, glittery and shiny. Though she likes to fight me on high-waisted briefs, I think the high shimmer level of this set might make up for the style. 

Liquid jersey bra, $165. Briefs, $135. Available at

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fresh Friday: Keri Hilson Shows Off Her Best Bras

I really liked this song when it came out last year, but I never bothered to look at the video until today, and WOW. First of all, Keri Hilson has a rockin' body, but secondly, that VPL-esque set she's wearing while rolling around on the bed looks great on her. Lots of bra peek-a-boo here!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Super Fun Leggings to Keep Your Legs Warm

It's getting chillier in NYC and I've been finding it difficult to go outside with bare legs. I tried it on Monday and was freezing when I got home (and drenched thanks to a surprise thunderstorm!), so I think it's time to look for some lovely leggings to dress up my bottom half this fall!

1. Gauze Leggings by Anthropologie
Available at (online exclusive), $38. Also available in peach, light grey and neutral.

2. Bifractional Leggings by VPL
Available at, $195.

3. Stretch Lace Leggings by Only Hearts
Available at, $46.

4. Striped Leggings by M Missoni
Available at, $195.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Designer Showcase: VPL

Barney's and Creatures of Comfort are both carrying some really fun pieces from VPL this fall/winter and these were some of my favorites:

Stripe B Bra & Undi

Jewel Dispersion Bra (also comes in purple/black!)

Sequins Bandage Bra / Overlay Bra

I think the Sequin Bandage Bra would be so fun for the holidays under a black dress that lets the bra peek out just a tad. You would just have to make sure that the sequins wouldn't snag the fabric, but it would be such a cute little surprise to wear under something simple!