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Monday, November 7, 2011

Revisiting the Dutch: Marlies Dekkers, Round Two

So the last time I wrote about Marlies Dekkers (and had a rad giveaway!), I had tried on the Dame de Paris bra in a B-cup because no one freakin' had my size in stock. Wonderful Felicia over at I.N. Showroom gifted me a set—in my proper size—and well, let's just say this is a game changer for my lingerie drawers.
Lace, bows and prints are easy for lingerie. And I love 'em, but they're easy to love because they're also what we expect for lingerie. Marlies Dekkers is harder, it has attitude. But those same characteristics rub off on the wearer—and slightly transforms your personality to be a bit more badass.

I gave up on push-up bras years ago thanks to some "Very Sexy" push-ups that I found to be more like, pillows in a bra that shove my tiny boobs up to my chin and make them looks Not-So-Sexy. But I'll gladly welcome back push-ups back into my lingerie drawers if they're from Marlies.

Marlies Dekkers Dame de Paris Push-up Bra, $99. Dame de Paris Thong, $49. Available at