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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Get Ready For Spring... Between the Sheets!

No, no, not like that—I mean with BTS Lingerie! Layla & Josh invited me to their press suite at the AKA Hotel in Times Square and gave me a preview of the fall collections, and I got to see the Spring/Summer pieces as well. 

I was so excited to see that she's keeping the terrific standbys in loungewear, like the Playdate and Come Out & Play lines. It was really interesting to hear how mindful she is about the designs of certain pieces, like the cardigans, so that the fabric doesn't lose it's drapey swing as the sizes go up. The Spring/Summer collection includes some fun pieces that can pull double duty as beachwear, or you can layer tees and tanks over your favorite bralettes that you hate to cover up.

The super-luxe Specimens of Seduction line still has some really interesting pieces, like a vintage-gown-inspired Deco Wrap Gown, and the Sheer Romance Robe, which could easily double as a dress for the red carpet. There are some AMAZING pieces coming for fall which I couldn't photograph, but trust me—I was going gaga over the colors and styles that Layla crafted together.

Be on the lookout for Layla and Josh on a new show premiering on the Sundance Channel called "All On the Line" with Elle Magazine's Joe Zee!

Such an easy bridal-esque table, isn't it?

Layla explained that the grain of the fabric in this top run vertically which makes the straps roll so thin. I love how easy & downtown NYC this top looks, and it's perfect for layering over gorgeous bralettes.

Erica, I know you're reading this—look, shorts! With pockets!

I love the tie-back on this top. You can barely see it, but check out how the straps line in the back to continue that U-shape.

Erica, look—more shorts!

I love the little lace winks up near the straps.

How Old Hollywood-glam would this be with a LBD slip underneath? The lace detail hidden in the waistband is so subtle.

Layla explains how the Deco Lace Wrap Gown works!

One of Layla's own vintage bras decorating a table

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