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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Breezy Whites for Summer Weekends

I'm sartorially torn these days. Part of me yearns to fill my closet with tailored, sharp basics to elevate my office style a bit more, yet another part of me just wants to run around the city looking hippie-chic all day. Considering I spend five out of seven days in a corporate office, I know which way I need to lean, but I can channel my inner bohemian (wait, what?) on the weekends.

Let's be serious for a minute though, my inner bohemian these days goes as far as wearing a jersey maxidress from J.Crew (in black, no less) with an oversized open-knit cardigan from Anthropologie, just to give you some context. But I did have a part-time sales stint at Free People during college, so I'm pretty sure I could score at least an A- in Boho Dress 101. It also probably explains why I'm so drawn to this dress so much as well.

This dress is a summer style triple threat: it's flowy & breezy, white, and layerable into fall (and again into summer). In the summer, all I want to wear are breezy, flowy things (mainly to avoid sweating through my clothes in stifling city heat. Sexy, yea?), and let's ignore the fact that you'd probably need to wear another slip dress under this slip dress to wear this innerwear as outerwear. And I want everything to be white—I get a nice bronze which looks nice with white clothing, or so I've been told. The layerability is a total plus; throw on some leggings, boots and a sweater and you're good to go. 

But if you don't mind, let me just have two more blissful, bare-legged months.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Shopping Tip: A Sexy Slip by Double in Brass!

The lovely ladies of The Lake & Stars teamed up with Urban Outfitters this year to create a collection of gorgeous bodysuits and lingerie under the label Double in Brass. It's been a huge hit, and they recently restocked this gorgeous slip in black!

If you're shorter like me, you can probably get away with wearing it as a dress (ooh la la), and the plunge back with their signature hook and eye closure is super hot. If you can't wear it out, it's still guaranteed to bring a touch of sexy elegance to the bedroom.
Chiffon Strappy Slip by Double in Brass by The Lake & Stars, available at, $68.