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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Lingerie Unicorn

Certainly we all have one, right? The one that got away. The dream lingerie set that appears from time to time on our favorite lingerie websites or boutiques, then vanishes before we can set down our credit cards and claim it once and for all.

This cami from The Lake and Stars is my own personal lingerie unicorn, almost six years running now. Y'all know I've been obsessed with the Royale version with the ribbons (unfortch Journelle's warehouse sale didn't have my size, sob).  So when Allison Beale tweeted at me to let me know that it's back in Journelle (and on, I silently freaked out. Could it be? Could this be the end of my hunt? 

Unfortunately my accountant hasn't filed my tax returns yet, and I'm pessimistic that this gorgeous cami will still be in stock when I finally get them. However, it's great to see The Lake and Stars are still bringing back their classic styles each season. Gives me comfort to know that it's not as ephemeral as it once seemed.

The Lake and Stars Classic Camisole, $160. The Lake and Stars Classic Tap Pant, $65. Available at

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sex and the City Nostalgia

Let's discuss how much I miss Sex and the City for a minute. Yes, I do watch my SatC DVDs over and over, and I have most of Carrie Bradshaw's legendary quips memorized. But most of all, I miss her cray-cray outfits that always showed off her lingerie somehow, though through the seasons it became a bit more conservative. 

But this outfit from the first Sex and the City movie is probably one of my favorites—a Lake and Stars chemise with high-waisted jeans. I've been looking for that chemise or something similar for years now. I kept seeing pieces on random websites but they were never in my size.

I went to Journelle the other day for a little treat (and to use my 30% off coupon, thaaaanks Journelle!) and spotted this little number from The Lake and Stars. It's not exactly the same, but has the spirit of the Carrie-worn piece I've been searching for! The Royale Chemise is perfectly paired with the Royale Tap Pants—and the beautiful golden peach color is so lovely and undoubtedly matches anything in your wardrobe. I'd say I'm adding this one to my Christmas wish list, but I'm sure that I won't stay in stock that long. 

The Lake and Stars Royale Camisole, $158 and Royale Tap Short, $65. Available online at