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Monday, December 10, 2012

An Aerie Holiday, Part II: Festive Bras & Undies

I've been so excited to share these photos with you all! As soon as I saw all the sets that Aerie's social team sent me, I knew that I had to do something special with them. When this idea hit me, I was just  brimming with holiday spirit and just too excited to shoot. 

So last Saturday, I gathered my stash of lights, stopped by Maison Kayser for pain au chocolate and financiers, and walked the 20-some blocks to my friends' apartment to use them for their beautiful exposed brick walls. My friend Tracey and I spent about 45 minutes wandering around the Upper East Side looking for clothespins (sample conversation in a bodega: "Do you have clothespins?" "Clothespins? What are clothespins?"), and found success at a hardware store disguised as a mini-Bed Bath & Beyond.

And so, behold my holiday spirit in lingerie form. This was such a fun project for me, since usually my visual angle involves more Photoshopping than photo-shooting, but I can't wait for more original shoots like this one. Slowly but surely, my dears.

Maddie Pushup Bra, $44.95 // Aerie Dot Mesh Thong, $12.50 or 6 for $26.50

Maddie & Dot Mesh Thong detail

Scarlet Pushup Bra, $44.95 // Aerie Mesh Peek-a-boo Undie, $12.50 or 5 for $26.50

Scarlet Adjustable Cleavage Pushup Bra, $44.95 // Sequined Thong, $12.50 or 5 for $26.50

Juliet Balconette Bra, $44.95 // Sequined Thong, $12.50 or 5 for $26.50

Juliet Balconette Bra detail

And of course, I tried on all the bras after I photographed them. They all fit true to size, except the Scarlet pushup bra. That one was a little big, and the fuller cups didn't do anything for me. The Juliet balconette bra was also a little bit big for me, and I think the balconette style is a little tricky for A cups in general. It's more successful when the cups are a bit smaller, like Mimi Holliday does it. 

But, my favorites were the Maddie pushup bra and the Scarlet Adjustable Cleavage Pushup Bra (the one with the black sequins). The Maddie was totes a wardrobe savor when I tried on my new Chanel dress and discovered that the chest area was a teensy bit big, but all I really needed was a nice padded pushup bra to fill it out. The Scarlet with the sequins was the perfect (subtle) sparkle piece to wear under a semi-sheer tank top to a holiday party I went to this weekend with my fellow lingerie lover Allison Beale.

The prices for these special edition bras are a little pricey, but for a good pushup bra I think it's reasonable. The undies and thongs are definitely the best deal, at 5 for $26.50 for the fancy lil holiday ones, and 7 for $26.50 for the simple lace ones I posted last week.

Okay, that's it! Stay tuned for the final Aerie post later this week. xx

Special thanks to Rachel Bellando, Katherine Bellando & Tracey Rodriguez for allowing me to set up shop in their beautiful new apartment and use them for their exposed brick.