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Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Resolutions: Take Care of Your Peepers

Happy 2013, my lovely lingeristas! Hope you all had a lovely holiday season and an equally lovely new year. Oddly enough, I haven't felt like it's a new year, new start type of season for myself quite yet, but maybe it's because I just need to put it down on paper (aka this blog).

I used to be able to run on four hours of sleep in my glory days, then over the years I've sadly realized that number has increased—and now I need a solid seven hours minimum, otherwise I'm a zombie the next day. Also noticed that if I sleep past midnight, then that minimum amount of time increases to... nine??? Ugh. Hashtag aging.

Hashtag aging has also sadly affected my complexion, moving from oily/combination to patchy dry in the winter. And even if I thoroughly hydrate my face, my eye area will still be scaly dry. Ugh, again. 

So when my favorite Space.NK assistant manager Ebie (you can find her at the 59th St Bloomingdales) recommended Sunday Riley's Start Over eye cream, I was pumped to try it. I mean, everything else Ebie has recommended for me the past three years has improved my complexion immensely, so why wouldn't I trust her on this one? Also, get it—"pumped"... the eye cream comes in a pump bottle... ha ha ha... okay.

Anyway, I love this eye cream reco. My eye area is finally hydrated and it doesn't feel oily at all—just smooth, and incredibly soft. At $85 a bottle, the price point can be daunting for many of those who don't see the point in investing in their skincare regiment, but trust me when I say that a little goes a loooong way with this one. Pretty sure this bottle will last me for a good 6-8 months at least. I'll report back and let ya know.

So here's one of my 2013 resolutions: giving my eyes a little TLC every morning and evening with this eye care gem, and making sure I get my beauty sleep every night. And with this new Mary Green sleep mask that my bestie Erica gifted me for Christmas, I'm super-excited to let myself get a little more rest from here on out.

Illustration credits: me!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Valentine's Day Kit + 15% Off at La Petite Coquette

Single this year for Valentine's Day? Who cares? These goodies can be enjoyed by just you (especially the macarons), and the candle comes in a variety of scents, including BOURBON. Save the melted massage oil for later, and enjoy the scent now. The men of indie rock band Local Natives will sing you to sleep when you're finally down from your sugar high.

But if you do need a last-minute Valentine's day gift, you can save 15% on some gorgeous underpinnings thanks to La Petite Coquette and Glamamom at La Petite Coquette online. Just enter code ILUVLPC during checkout. Code expires February 13th, so head on over!

4. Local Natives, "Gorilla Manor", $7.99. Available on iTunes.
5. Bisou Ciao Macarons, 101 Stanton Street, New York, NY 10002.