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Friday, August 24, 2012

Market Week: Chantelle F/W 2012 Collection Preview

Alors, mes chéries, finally I share of the lovely events I had the pleasure to stop by during market week a few weeks ago: the Chantelle F/W 2012 collection preview. A bunch of editors, bloggers and social media mavens got to visit the Chantelle showroom for a bra fitting while we nibbled on macarons and sipped on champagne. 

The F/W 2012 collection comes in four color stories, each inspired by different gemstones: 
  • Ruby  obviously inspired by rubies and comes in different shades: deep red, raspberry or burnt orange
  • Amber — described as "casual chic", these are your basics with signature sophisticated touches to white, nude and black
  • Black Pearl — inspired by Japanese black pearls, which have an iridescence of greens and purples
  • White Gold — this is where I could probably insert many different 50 Shades of Grey puns, but I'll refrain. Greys with touches of blues are here, including the Python Gray print for an animal print to bring out yo' wild side that isn't leopard. Yay.
So I know that all sounds so fabulous and classy and chic, just like Chantelle does ('cos they do what they do best) but I'm sure you'll accept my apology when I say that I was so busy trying to absorb what was going on that I forgot to take more photos. But these show some of my favorite sets, so really that's what's really important. Haha, just kidding.

My favorite set of all the tables: the Icone demi & shorty in Python Grey (the lovely Instagram filter I chose made it more blue). Part of the White Gold color story.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Market Week: A Super-Brief Curve NY Recap

So, this recent market week, I didn't do my usual whirlwind schedule of visiting everyone. There are a couple of reasons for this:
  1. Invitations sent out late (like, a week before the event) and my schedule had been set for about three weeks.
  2. It's a weekend in August. People travel on the weekends. And sometimes travel in buses that get stuck in traffic on the way back to the city during a torrential downpour. It's exhausting.
  3. Brands are spread out. Like, way out. I applaud those who are trying to break free of the Javits Jailhouse—I mean, Convention Center—but when the main event is at the Javits, trekking out there in 90-degree weather is exhausting enough.
  4. The realization that brands are paying lots of moola for a tiny booth space for 2.5 days and they need to talk to the buyers and big press, not necessarily me. I like to think that I did a good job of scooting away when real visitors came by, but now I still feel bad. Sorry guys.
So in conclusion, anyone I missed at the other hotels and other market week events, I'm sorry. But the combination of traveling that weekend and possibly being still slightly hungover from a major wedding that Saturday wasn't going to let it happen.

In addition to the few photos below, I stopped/passed by Kriss Soonik (amazing new swimwear collection), Lascivious (pops of colour!), La Fee Verte (sick prints and shorts & PJ pants), Mimi Holliday (amazing neons & color combos), Love & Dream (lovely soft basics), and Zinke (new colors for their basics and an amazing new super-versatile maxi dress). 

A little slice of awesome at ARI DEIN's booth. I want everything. There are prints. And PJ pants. And some chemises I'm dying to wear out one night. Come to me sweeties.

A gorgeous flamingo print from Beautiful Bottoms! So in love with how adorable yet chic this romper is.

BOOM. A gold bra at—who else—Marlies Dekkers. Of course the Lingerie Queen (the nickname I'm bestowing upon Marlies Dekkers) would create something as fabulous as this. It's like, Game of Thrones-body armour-esque.

And finally, yeah-yuhhhh.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Super-Sweet Spring Lingerie From Zinke Intimates!

If you follow me on Twitter, you know by now that I'm SO excited for Zinke's spring collection to arrive in stores. Their lovely sales contact, Jen, sent me a lookbook a few months ago and I carried it around in my bag for at least three weeks showing it to everyone who'd let me talk about it. Finally seeing the whole collection in person at CURVE NY was the perfect way to end my Tuesday.

Inspired by Miami art deco, the gorgeous silk pieces come in bright colors that just pop! There's also their first foray into prints, an original designed by Jessie Zinke, and a cotton pointelle set to round out their spring collection. Gorgeous silk robes with a texture that looks like hammered metal, babydoll chemises that come with matching bottoms, and tees/shorts sets are all so lustworthy. I love how everything has great mix-n-match potential, as well as for layering!

See? Such pretty colors!

Arin Robinson & Jessie Zinke, sisters and creators of Zinke Intimates

Shelley bralet & panty in chartreuse! Also comes in flamingo (pink) and pool (blue).

The Leslie bralet & panty in flamingo. I want this in chartreuse! Okay, also in flamingo, let's be serious. This bra would be great under a Seneca print babydoll to wear out during the summer!

The Catalina bralet and panty in pool, but in cotton pointelle. I asked Arin if more cotton pieces were in the works, but it's doubtful due to rising cotton prices.

The Seneca print romper! HOW CUTE IS THIS? Sorry about the caps lock, I really love this. Can't wait for the bralet & panty to arrive in stores. I told Arin & Jessie that I'd love to have sheets with this print. I'm hoping it'll happen someday.

 And a special lacy peek at what's in store for Fall...

See more photos on the Pretty Little Underthings' Facebook page!

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Get Ready For Spring... Between the Sheets!

No, no, not like that—I mean with BTS Lingerie! Layla & Josh invited me to their press suite at the AKA Hotel in Times Square and gave me a preview of the fall collections, and I got to see the Spring/Summer pieces as well. 

I was so excited to see that she's keeping the terrific standbys in loungewear, like the Playdate and Come Out & Play lines. It was really interesting to hear how mindful she is about the designs of certain pieces, like the cardigans, so that the fabric doesn't lose it's drapey swing as the sizes go up. The Spring/Summer collection includes some fun pieces that can pull double duty as beachwear, or you can layer tees and tanks over your favorite bralettes that you hate to cover up.

The super-luxe Specimens of Seduction line still has some really interesting pieces, like a vintage-gown-inspired Deco Wrap Gown, and the Sheer Romance Robe, which could easily double as a dress for the red carpet. There are some AMAZING pieces coming for fall which I couldn't photograph, but trust me—I was going gaga over the colors and styles that Layla crafted together.

Be on the lookout for Layla and Josh on a new show premiering on the Sundance Channel called "All On the Line" with Elle Magazine's Joe Zee!

Such an easy bridal-esque table, isn't it?

Layla explained that the grain of the fabric in this top run vertically which makes the straps roll so thin. I love how easy & downtown NYC this top looks, and it's perfect for layering over gorgeous bralettes.

Erica, I know you're reading this—look, shorts! With pockets!

I love the tie-back on this top. You can barely see it, but check out how the straps line in the back to continue that U-shape.

Erica, look—more shorts!

I love the little lace winks up near the straps.

How Old Hollywood-glam would this be with a LBD slip underneath? The lace detail hidden in the waistband is so subtle.

Layla explains how the Deco Lace Wrap Gown works!

One of Layla's own vintage bras decorating a table

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ARI DEIN Autumn/Winter 2011 Press Preview

I had the super-chic privilege of previewing ARI DEIN's A/W 2011 collection on Monday evening at the Waldorf-Astoria. I'll just say that not only does Arielle know how create some of the most elegant intimates I've seen, but the Lioness' Den is simply fabulous.

Champagne & Vosges chocolate truffles (so delicious that even the models indulged throughout the night) along with Barbarella playing on the TV were the perfect accompaniments to the gorgeous silk Spring/Summer and Fall collections on display near the windows. The pieces seemed to take on a new life in the Waldorf suite; seeing them together—instead of seeing them in a book or singular photos online—showed such progression over the past few short seasons. 

I'll say it—I just freakin' cannot wait to see what else is in the future for this line. Amazing things, no doubt. Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope that I'll win the lottery so I can buy everything, heyyy.
Spring florals that are perfect year-round. I die for the robe and the bralette. Let's be serious, if you don't either than you must be blind.

"Les Ondes Oyster Ombre" bralette. I gladly embrace ruffles, especially in this delicate bralette with tiered colors.
Les modeles avec la creative directrice (I know my French is off, I'm too tired to double check that one)

ARI DEIN's Classic Boutique Hotel Collection in Fall's colors - a rusty pink and cream

Models wearing the Fall collection. I adore the Original Oyster screen print pieces on the model all the way on the right. It's so subtle and makes you do a double-take.

Coconut truffles and ARI DEIN. Let's be serious—if I didn't have some iota of self-control, I probably would have tried to take that platter home. Don't judge, you probably would've wanted to as well.

Check out a few more photos on Pretty Little Underthings' Facebook page!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CURVE NY: Day 1 Highlights

Thanks to the encouragement of Brulee Lingerie's Kristian Giambi, I registered as press for CURVE NY  to preview the A/W 2011 collections. Yesterday was day one, and as a first-timer, it was definitely interesting. I didn't have cards on me (slap on the hand for that one), so thank goodness that people recognized the name of my blog, otherwise I probably wouldn't have been able to take as many photos as I did, especially at Eberjey.

These are just a couple of pieces that really caught my eye yesterday, and stay tuned tomorrow for today's recap (hint: PLU favorites ARI DEIN, Zinke & BTS Lingerie!).

There were so many gorgeous pieces for A/W 2011 from La Fee Verte! I wanted to take pictures of all of them, but you'll just have to wait. Lots of lacy pieces, but also some gorgeous colorblocked silk pieces that come in different color combos.
This French lace bodysuit is so dreamy. It comes in different colors too, but I adored the soft pink/nude combo.

It's like a sheer, intricate, gorgeous spiderweb all over your bitties. Yes, I said bitties, what?

I was walking by the Affinitas booth and was drawn in by this bright rose-print bra. Definitely my favorite from the spring collection!

So you guys know that I don't really write about shapewear, but holy moly these are adorbs! I saw these prints in a catalog a few months ago, but today was the first time I got to see them in person. I'm not gonna lie, I would totally wear these—the yellow pair is just so cheery and I love the print, and the rose print is a bit more dramatic but not musty feeling. 

So right before I saw this swimwear at Eberjey, I saw some at Huit that I thought was cute. Then I saw this swimwear rack and made a beeline for it before I realized it was Eberjey (I guess I just naturally have good taste, haha... just kidding, kind of). I asked a rep if I could take photos and she said, "Only if you give me a card." ...aaand I kind of froze (and berated myself in my head for not getting my cards settled sooner), until she saw my badge and read the name of my blog and said, "Oh! I love your blog! Go ahead," which was pretty nice to hear.

I. Want.

I want this too. Who's gonna stock it?!

I've learned my lesson with white swimsuits - good for laying out but not great for the sand and beaches, but I thought this was just so simple and pretty that I may just break my "no more white swimwear" rule and go with it.

All in all, it was a really interesting day and I got to see the full ranges of a lot of brands that I normally only see select pieces from, like Arlotta Cashmere and Huit. Stella McCartney, Marlies Dekkers, Mimi Holliday/Damaris, Only Hearts and Simone Perele were perpetually busy, and none of them had a free minute whenever I passed by. Tuesday should be interesting, so stay tuned for today's recap!