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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hump Day Pick: An Icy Blue Ogiku Set by Lou

This week is all about the embroidered details, apparently. This sky blue set traces flower petals onto your skin, though the color makes me think of clouds. It's a departure from the brightly colored springtime sets I've been posting, but it's been chilly in NYC lately and it's supposedly snowing this week, so let's just go with the flow and look at lingerie that reminds me of glaciers (and polar bears, yay!).

Check out all the variations on this set on their site. There's an adorbs hipster bottom, and bridal white, slate grey and raspberry colorwaves too. No A-cup bras at Anthro, sadly, but you B+ ladies are in luck!

Ogiku bra, $118. Ogiku thong, $64. Available at