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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good Night Gilda, Hello Gorgeous Full-Cup Lingerie

Good Night Gilda: Luxury Lingerie for the Busty Gal

Yep, I don't really write about lingerie that caters to fuller-chested women because quite frankly, I have no idea what that feels like. But I had to write about Good Night Gilda, created by Whitney Galitz in Los Angeles, because it's impeccably made. I'm all about quality—"high-end" and "luxury" to me don't just mean high prices, it's also about craftsmanship. And in Good Night Gilda, it's definitely there. Whitney is a vintage lingerie conoisseur with a theater and art background. Pair that with her career as a shopper and stylist, and BOOM: lingerie that will make you want to watch black and white movies all afternoon. While you're wearing it. And possibly eating chocolate. Whatever, just read what Whitney had to share about how she got started and why she created Good Night Gilda. Okay, bye!

"I launched it back in August officially. I did a soft launch in February a year ago and I actually walked CURVE in February last year just to get a feel for the industry and to see where my niche would be, where my voice would be for this collection. ‘cos I’ve had this idea for awhile now. My background personally is I’m a shopper and I’m a stylist back in L.A. I’ve been working in the Hollywood industry for 8 years now, dressing celebrities, working with custom designers and I absolutely love it, but being there in the shopping world and really understanding the retail industry from my perspective, I realized there was a quite a lack in good lingerie that catered to a little bit curvier of a body, a higher cup size, more full cups and I really wanted to fill that niche.

I have a costume background, my major in college was art and theater design. So I always loved the costume feel and wanted to bring the drama of that world to a high-fashion lingerie line. So that’s what I’m trying to do here with my brand. It’s a high-fashion kind of vintage inspired edgy line and it marries all those together. And it happens to cater to full cup sizes ‘cos also I’m my own customer. I grew up wearing a D cup and on a smaller frame, it’s really hard to shop for lingerie. There just isn’t really a lot of stuff out there. That was part of the motivation as well.

I only use high-end fabrics; that’s something that I have a love for, good textiles. This [Gilda romper] is silk charmeuse stretch, it’s the reverse side but it has that quality of the charmeuse in it so you can really feel it. So once you see it, you can see the luxury in it. But it’s simple and that’s what I love. I really want my designs to speak through the design aspect and not all the frills. So I use really high-end fabrics, really good quality manufacturing—it’s all made locally in Los Angeles which is really important to me. We’re a big supporter of small businesses and local economies, so that’s something I knew I would do from the beginning.

For my first collection I kinda went with a very old school, kind of Golden Era of Hollywood kind of feel using like vintage colors—this nude is a very old looking color—it’s something I wanted to convey. The big inspiration for this collection was the screen sirens, like the Rita Hayworths and the Ingrid Bergmans, Marilyn Monroe.

For fall, I was so inspired by the ‘60s era of film, like dark moody, James Bond girls—I got stuck watching all these James Bond movies—and then I was like, oh yeah, Gypsy Rose Lee!—which was what the collection was named after, it’s called the Gypsy Rose Collection, and I just went into this darker burlesque sixties film noir type look. So it’s a lot darker and moodier, and it’s a lot of fun. Sexy but sophisticated, that was the angle I was trying to go for."

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cool Dyes & Mystical Elements by Clare Bare

Clare Bare at the Lingerie Designer Showcase

"I did fashion for two semesters then I dropped it, then I did fine art and printmaking and I was really into doing a lot of texture-based artwork, whatever it was; mosaic, printmaking, etc. So when I first started making underwear, it came about kind of through a printmaking project that I was doing so it was really nice to get back into that this time around and this is one of my prints that was made from a fabric collage that I made, it was actually layered pieces of fabric that I scanned and then manipulated & flipped. I’m really inspired by symmetry and mystical elements and things like that. And then I have another print that’s really subtle, it’s just black on black it’s like a nice texture. And you can’t even really see it when it’s on, so that’s something that I thought was really cool—that you can’t see it from very far away. And then everything is hand dyed, so this teal color is made from Caribbean plants that are ground up and then I learned about all these unusual processes and hand dyeing things and using aluminum as a mordant to allow the dye to adhere to organic fabrics. So I’ve been doing a lot of tie-dyeing and dip-dyeing so this is the Caribbean plant dye, and this is logwood from Brazil mixed with lac from India, it creates kind of like a pinkish color. Pinkish purple. And then the other colors that I’m using—this is logwood just by itself. So it’s a nice purple. And I’m using a lot of nice heavy silks and a lot of different fabrics than last time. So it’s fun, it’s been a lot of experimental pieces this time that I’m really excited about.

I think this [Anatomical Harmonia Bodysuit in Rubelite Dye/Hyper Floral] is my favorite—it’s really cool layered and I’ve worn this out and gotten a lot of response from this. The way I line it up is you know, very anatomical—even these lines kind of almost act as darts or shape you in a way without the actual darts being there and then the V is strategically placed, you know [laughs]. And just the way it lines up from the side is really nice ‘cos the flowers are kind of like a mirror. I also really like this set [Calliope Bewilder Bralette and Sheer Panty]—this teal color is really amazing. The fabric soaks it up. I only really dye it for 2 minutes and then I have to fish it out otherwise it gets too saturated. So that one is really fun but functional at the same time."


From top to bottom in order: Eternal Daze Cut Out Romper in Cloud Dye; Eternal Daze Cut Out Romper mesh print detail; Anatomical Harmonia Bodysuit in Rubelite Dye/Hyper Floral; Veda Totem Garter Tank in Hyper Floral; Ouvert Open Back Tank Dress in Logwood Dye; Calliope Bewilder Bralette and Sheer Panty

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Clare Bare S/S 2012: Bright Lights, Space-Dye

I got to meet Clare Bare last month at the Lingerie Designer Showcase, which was pretty exciting. I had heard about her and seen a few of her pieces online, but experiencing her collection in person was a real pleasure. I loved hearing about her process and how her lingerie line came about (she had a growing collection of vintage fabrics that she need to use them for something). 

Her eco-friendly creations are pretty awesome and super-soft to the touch. She incorporates some really striking details, like criss-cross strappy details in the back of a bodysuit, and tie-dyed mesh paneling to bare it all. These three were some of my favorites—but you really should check out the rest of her collection.

I really loved this bodysuit—the way the back dips, how the straps in the back cross down and around so it doesn't gap, and the tie-dyed mesh is super sexy but still really fun.

Hustle Rose Wireless Bustier & Phoenix Lights Garter Short, Night Bloomer Collection 
Okay, y'all know I love anything high-waisted and this garter short is no exception. The bustier bra has a really cool strap detail in the back and as the name says—no wires! Yay! I mean, I know some of you need that but smaller cups who hate wires, rejoice. This one's for you. Plus, the floral-print cups give this otherwise serious bustier a sweet spin.

Illuminate Me Criss Cross Romper, Night Bloomer Collection 
Guyssssss, I'm telling you: this one is gorgeous! The bright chartreuse contrasted with the black accents and floral print is something really special. I love how it's cut and pieced together. And it's super-soft to the touch. Always a good quality for lingerie. This one also has a scoop bottom (helloooo back dimples!) and a criss-cross strappy detail. Do it.

All photos courtesy of Clare Bare.

Clare Bare on Etsy
Clare Bare on BigCartel

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Few Snapsies from Lingerie Market Weekend NYC

Yours truly wasn't feeling too well this Sunday & Monday so I spent a couple of hours at CURVE NY on Sunday and visited Lingerie Journal's Designer Showcase on Monday rather than schlepping to the Javits Center both days. SOWWY. Anyway, here's a few photos of things I did see (and loved—but I forgot to take pictures at Clare Bare because I was so excited to see her line in person for the first time! Stay tuned for more on that). You can peep more over on Facebook!

BTS Lingerie's Airplay Babydoll

Some beautiful swimwear from SeaLion by ARI DEIN

Beautiful swim prints coming at ya from Zinke S/S 2012!

Swiss dot from Zinke S/S 2012

A striped waistband in Ombrato's flannel shorts

What is that? Teehee. From FunFactory