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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Market Week: A Super-Brief Curve NY Recap

So, this recent market week, I didn't do my usual whirlwind schedule of visiting everyone. There are a couple of reasons for this:
  1. Invitations sent out late (like, a week before the event) and my schedule had been set for about three weeks.
  2. It's a weekend in August. People travel on the weekends. And sometimes travel in buses that get stuck in traffic on the way back to the city during a torrential downpour. It's exhausting.
  3. Brands are spread out. Like, way out. I applaud those who are trying to break free of the Javits Jailhouse—I mean, Convention Center—but when the main event is at the Javits, trekking out there in 90-degree weather is exhausting enough.
  4. The realization that brands are paying lots of moola for a tiny booth space for 2.5 days and they need to talk to the buyers and big press, not necessarily me. I like to think that I did a good job of scooting away when real visitors came by, but now I still feel bad. Sorry guys.
So in conclusion, anyone I missed at the other hotels and other market week events, I'm sorry. But the combination of traveling that weekend and possibly being still slightly hungover from a major wedding that Saturday wasn't going to let it happen.

In addition to the few photos below, I stopped/passed by Kriss Soonik (amazing new swimwear collection), Lascivious (pops of colour!), La Fee Verte (sick prints and shorts & PJ pants), Mimi Holliday (amazing neons & color combos), Love & Dream (lovely soft basics), and Zinke (new colors for their basics and an amazing new super-versatile maxi dress). 

A little slice of awesome at ARI DEIN's booth. I want everything. There are prints. And PJ pants. And some chemises I'm dying to wear out one night. Come to me sweeties.

A gorgeous flamingo print from Beautiful Bottoms! So in love with how adorable yet chic this romper is.

BOOM. A gold bra at—who else—Marlies Dekkers. Of course the Lingerie Queen (the nickname I'm bestowing upon Marlies Dekkers) would create something as fabulous as this. It's like, Game of Thrones-body armour-esque.

And finally, yeah-yuhhhh.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CURVE NY Recap: Kriss Soonik, Catwoman

Kriss Soonik, Catwoman

I had the pleasure of meeting Kriss Soonik in person at CURVE NY last month, and I loved hearing about how she got started. Her edited collection is created with some of the best materials—stretch jerseys so soft to the touch and non-itchy lace—pretty crucial considering most of her pieces have absolute innerwear as outerwear power. She thinks about how anyone would wear her Kristel turtleneck suspender top in daily life, and she thought about how the fabric may change or shift as you sit down, stand up, walk around, fight crime, what have you. Her thought process behind her collections' function and design was fascinating to learn about, and as a non-cat person, I'll admit her kittycat logo is pretty darn cute too.

"The label has been running for three years now, but I’ve been designing lingerie for eight years now. I tested it for my 20th birthday for the first time and before that I did womenswear, and ‘cause I’m from Estonia, no one was doing lingerie, so I thought, ‘Hm, there’s a niche there’. I tried it and never looked back. 

So six years ago, I moved to London. I did my M.A. at London College of Fashion. I worked at Agent Provocateur just to get experience, to see the lingerie world inside out. And then 2009 January I jumped in. So… here I am three years later.

My favorite piece… it’s hard to say really. They’re all my babies. But I think definitely the Susan Motion Lace Body and the Suspender Top with the turtleneck because I was practically living in it all of winter this year. So those two."

Kristel Turtleneck Suspender Top

Susan Motion Lace Body

Images courtesy of Kriss Soonik