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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Intimate Interview: NOE UNDERGARMENTS

The internet is kind of tricky: you get excited about seeing new things, but then sometimes it's difficult to find it in person to touch and experience. I always get super excited when I get to see a new brand in person. I got to speak with one half of the mastermind behind NOE Undergarments, Bonnie Rae Boyes, at Lingerie Collective on the whats and whys of their line.

"I come from a background in swimwear, and my sister comes from more of a background in ready-to-wear. She has more of the technical skills and the design side, I come from more of the marketing side and I was a brand manager for swim in the past and that was my background, and we both have been lovers of lingerie since as far as we can remember. And so we really took that concept of 'what’s in the marketplace?' And there were just honestly pieces we wanted that we couldn’t really find, and we were like, let’s build this ourselves.

I was seeing myself wearing a lot of swim-inspired tops and different things under sheer dresses or whatever and I’m like, we need to make this. So we combined our thoughts and about a year back we decided to come up with NOE Undergarments and then we just kind of built on really wanting it to be contemporary, a bit modern, and play off the ideas of very simplistic but everything having that forward, edgy take.

So for example, like some of the bralettes, just having the detail that pushes the boundaries a little bit. The Zachary bodysuit which looks a little bit simple from the front but in the back it’s just you know, edgy. I’ve never described a line like this before but I thought it was well-described; this piece just came out in WWD and they described it as a ‘pretty bondage style’. We were like, ‘Oh my gosh,’ it kind of describes some of the strapping we wanted, that masculine meets feminine. And that’s kind of the take of our line, that masculine meets feminine, a little bit of opposites attract, in a simple way.
And so really, even with all the marketing and stuff, of just thinking well we want to do something that’s different, we didn’t want to do the girl in lingerie on the bed, you know we wanted to do something a little more contemporary and so that’s where we built the imagery around and just the concept.

It’s been interesting; we wanted to launch with a strong NY presence obviously because I think it breeds out that way, and I think we have a stronger presence in NY than we do on the West Coast. However, it’s been interesting; we have these flowy, kind of silk dresses and a little bit more of the softer pieces we sell those strong out in the Hamptons, like in Montauk, and over on the West Coast, in Hawaii like in coastal regions. And I think it’s almost like that coverup, beachy, cover-up lifestyle, you know? And here [in NYC], it’s like, Journelle and all that, they bought more of these pieces [holds black Ryan Bustier Bra], which are more structured and a little bit more sophisticated style pieces and obviously black.

Actually for the fall season we had, instead of this firecracker [red], we had a mandarin which was really a bright orange and we also had a complement accent of a bright citrine yellow, and it was funny because some of the New York accounts were like—everyone kind of liked the orange—but the yellow they were like, ‘Ohh…,’ but our West Coast accounts were like, ‘Yay!’ and they were just like, ‘We love it!’ and so I think that’s the major difference [in preference between the coasts], the colours."

Bonnie Rae Boyes was interviewed by Esther Kim at the Lingerie Collective Trade Event in NYC, August 5, 2013.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Intimate Interview: VELVETTE UNDERWEAR

Swimwear by Velvette

The debut of her second lingerie collection Stateside, this Parisienne’s collection is carried in Galeries Lafayette and other retailers in Paris. But New Yorkers are sure to love the keenly French details in her pieces, especially the concept of effortless chic. Everything is made in France, to boot.

"In France, I’m a freelance designer for women’s and kidswear, so I work for many brands like Cacharel, Baby Dior, and a lot of brands like this. But I’ve really liked lingerie [for a long time] and I have a lot of vintage pieces and I wanted to make my own brand, so I just began to make what I want to wear and things I don’t find in any shops or so I began like that, because I didn’t find any lingerie for me. And I wanted to make it."

PLU: Are you willing to share any of your favorite places to find vintage lingerie?

"I can, not all. [Laughs] I have one in Barcelona, which is amazing, and it’s really a vintage shop, really amazing. In Paris we have Mamie, with vintage shops and Anouschka. But I also find vintage pieces on the internet, like on eBay or Etsy.

My style is retro, feminine, and raffiné—refined. And I like details, so the lace—I choose all the lace— and the details like the lasercut, and really fragile details."

Velvette was interviewed by Esther Kim at the Lingerie Collective Trade Event in NYC, August 5, 2013.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CURVE NY Recap: Kriss Soonik, Catwoman

Kriss Soonik, Catwoman

I had the pleasure of meeting Kriss Soonik in person at CURVE NY last month, and I loved hearing about how she got started. Her edited collection is created with some of the best materials—stretch jerseys so soft to the touch and non-itchy lace—pretty crucial considering most of her pieces have absolute innerwear as outerwear power. She thinks about how anyone would wear her Kristel turtleneck suspender top in daily life, and she thought about how the fabric may change or shift as you sit down, stand up, walk around, fight crime, what have you. Her thought process behind her collections' function and design was fascinating to learn about, and as a non-cat person, I'll admit her kittycat logo is pretty darn cute too.

"The label has been running for three years now, but I’ve been designing lingerie for eight years now. I tested it for my 20th birthday for the first time and before that I did womenswear, and ‘cause I’m from Estonia, no one was doing lingerie, so I thought, ‘Hm, there’s a niche there’. I tried it and never looked back. 

So six years ago, I moved to London. I did my M.A. at London College of Fashion. I worked at Agent Provocateur just to get experience, to see the lingerie world inside out. And then 2009 January I jumped in. So… here I am three years later.

My favorite piece… it’s hard to say really. They’re all my babies. But I think definitely the Susan Motion Lace Body and the Suspender Top with the turtleneck because I was practically living in it all of winter this year. So those two."

Kristel Turtleneck Suspender Top

Susan Motion Lace Body

Images courtesy of Kriss Soonik

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good Night Gilda, Hello Gorgeous Full-Cup Lingerie

Good Night Gilda: Luxury Lingerie for the Busty Gal

Yep, I don't really write about lingerie that caters to fuller-chested women because quite frankly, I have no idea what that feels like. But I had to write about Good Night Gilda, created by Whitney Galitz in Los Angeles, because it's impeccably made. I'm all about quality—"high-end" and "luxury" to me don't just mean high prices, it's also about craftsmanship. And in Good Night Gilda, it's definitely there. Whitney is a vintage lingerie conoisseur with a theater and art background. Pair that with her career as a shopper and stylist, and BOOM: lingerie that will make you want to watch black and white movies all afternoon. While you're wearing it. And possibly eating chocolate. Whatever, just read what Whitney had to share about how she got started and why she created Good Night Gilda. Okay, bye!

"I launched it back in August officially. I did a soft launch in February a year ago and I actually walked CURVE in February last year just to get a feel for the industry and to see where my niche would be, where my voice would be for this collection. ‘cos I’ve had this idea for awhile now. My background personally is I’m a shopper and I’m a stylist back in L.A. I’ve been working in the Hollywood industry for 8 years now, dressing celebrities, working with custom designers and I absolutely love it, but being there in the shopping world and really understanding the retail industry from my perspective, I realized there was a quite a lack in good lingerie that catered to a little bit curvier of a body, a higher cup size, more full cups and I really wanted to fill that niche.

I have a costume background, my major in college was art and theater design. So I always loved the costume feel and wanted to bring the drama of that world to a high-fashion lingerie line. So that’s what I’m trying to do here with my brand. It’s a high-fashion kind of vintage inspired edgy line and it marries all those together. And it happens to cater to full cup sizes ‘cos also I’m my own customer. I grew up wearing a D cup and on a smaller frame, it’s really hard to shop for lingerie. There just isn’t really a lot of stuff out there. That was part of the motivation as well.

I only use high-end fabrics; that’s something that I have a love for, good textiles. This [Gilda romper] is silk charmeuse stretch, it’s the reverse side but it has that quality of the charmeuse in it so you can really feel it. So once you see it, you can see the luxury in it. But it’s simple and that’s what I love. I really want my designs to speak through the design aspect and not all the frills. So I use really high-end fabrics, really good quality manufacturing—it’s all made locally in Los Angeles which is really important to me. We’re a big supporter of small businesses and local economies, so that’s something I knew I would do from the beginning.

For my first collection I kinda went with a very old school, kind of Golden Era of Hollywood kind of feel using like vintage colors—this nude is a very old looking color—it’s something I wanted to convey. The big inspiration for this collection was the screen sirens, like the Rita Hayworths and the Ingrid Bergmans, Marilyn Monroe.

For fall, I was so inspired by the ‘60s era of film, like dark moody, James Bond girls—I got stuck watching all these James Bond movies—and then I was like, oh yeah, Gypsy Rose Lee!—which was what the collection was named after, it’s called the Gypsy Rose Collection, and I just went into this darker burlesque sixties film noir type look. So it’s a lot darker and moodier, and it’s a lot of fun. Sexy but sophisticated, that was the angle I was trying to go for."

Monday, February 27, 2012

CURVE NY Recap: ARI DEIN's Got an Art Deco-Inspired Fall/Winter

Going East with ARI DEIN's Shanghai Waldorf Collection

A favorite of PLU (meaning it's one of my favorites), ARI DEIN's Fall/Winter 2012 collection is imaginative but still so true to the core of what makes ARI DEIN a standout line. Art Deco-inspired and already a wardrobe classic that doesn't rely on trends to make it desirable. I love the shimmers paired with matte silk, and the handmade knot details that add a special touch to the Shanghai Waldorf pieces. Here's a closer look at some of the pieces we saw from NYFW and Creatrice Arielle Shapiro's take on her F/W '12 efforts.

"So I was very inspired this season by the city of Shanghai, which has the largest concentration of Art Deco architecture in the world. So when I was designing this season, I wanted to think very much about the colors and the color meaning in Chinese culture. And also hand details like good luck knots and signature borders in jacquard this time instead of a plain charmeuse, so I tried to play with texture and incorporated prints for the first time in the Boutique Hotel sort of style but we updated it this season to call it the Shanghai Waldorf Collection. So it has that authentic ARI DEIN art deco and retro vibe we always go for.

One of the pieces that really helped launch ARI DEIN and brand the collection was the Boutique Hotel Collection—specifically the chemise—and every season I listen to our customer feedback and make little updates so over the past I guess now 5 seasons we’ve added darts for breast contour, sometimes we do elastic in the back of the ribcage so that we can expand the chest circumference for fit, adjustable straps, we added a second button on the side opening so that we could limit the gaping of the … I guess just the opening of the side. I’m trying to use all these fancy words! [laughs]

But what I really like this season is that we’ve done it in a chiffon with prints so it’s a little bit sexier. The trim is a jacquard so it has that beautiful floral texture. The strap is a double strap—it has a little skinny adjustable area in the back but then the front part is jacquard to match the rest of the piece, and we have a beautiful little cutout in the bust area. So it’s a much sexier kind of take on this really classic, sophisticated cut that we do."

Friday, February 24, 2012

CURVE NY Recap: Rad Colors & Perfect Fit at Claudette

Rad Colors and Perfect Fit at Claudette

I stopped by Claudette's booth yesterday at Curve NY and talked to Bok Goodall, Claudette's designer, to learn more about the line and why Claudette stands out. With bright hues like these, how could they not?
"So Claudette is a fashion line that goes from an A cup to a G cup we are working on up to a K cup at the moment, and the idea behind it was to make something that was really fun, fashionable but fit and gave support all the way up to a G cup but didn’t look like a traditional large cup product, so color is very, very important to us and you can see the neons, and we always contrast everything, so you never get a purely nude bra, it would always have a contrast trim. Fit is the most important thing to us—we always start at a G and then we work down if it’s going to work at a G, then we know it’s going to work at a B. so we go that way instead of trying to go the other way.

And the company is based in Los Angeles. Robin Levitt, who is the president of the company, I was introduced to her a couple years ago through a friend and I worked in the UK in lingerie the last 10 years and I sort of specialized in large cup. And we just got talking and decided ‘let’s do it’. There is definitely a niche in the market in the States for large cup product that’s fashion. We just launched in the UK where we thought it would be much more difficult since the market is so saturated—everyone loved it. And so we’ve had a great season so far.

I think the neon pieces are amazing I just think the colors are fabulous, but this is a new style, that we’re just doing for fall, which is fantastic. So it’s satin with mesh. Everything is very supportive, even these which look like there’s nothing to support you, but they do really work—we work more on fit more than anything, really."

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cool Dyes & Mystical Elements by Clare Bare

Clare Bare at the Lingerie Designer Showcase

"I did fashion for two semesters then I dropped it, then I did fine art and printmaking and I was really into doing a lot of texture-based artwork, whatever it was; mosaic, printmaking, etc. So when I first started making underwear, it came about kind of through a printmaking project that I was doing so it was really nice to get back into that this time around and this is one of my prints that was made from a fabric collage that I made, it was actually layered pieces of fabric that I scanned and then manipulated & flipped. I’m really inspired by symmetry and mystical elements and things like that. And then I have another print that’s really subtle, it’s just black on black it’s like a nice texture. And you can’t even really see it when it’s on, so that’s something that I thought was really cool—that you can’t see it from very far away. And then everything is hand dyed, so this teal color is made from Caribbean plants that are ground up and then I learned about all these unusual processes and hand dyeing things and using aluminum as a mordant to allow the dye to adhere to organic fabrics. So I’ve been doing a lot of tie-dyeing and dip-dyeing so this is the Caribbean plant dye, and this is logwood from Brazil mixed with lac from India, it creates kind of like a pinkish color. Pinkish purple. And then the other colors that I’m using—this is logwood just by itself. So it’s a nice purple. And I’m using a lot of nice heavy silks and a lot of different fabrics than last time. So it’s fun, it’s been a lot of experimental pieces this time that I’m really excited about.

I think this [Anatomical Harmonia Bodysuit in Rubelite Dye/Hyper Floral] is my favorite—it’s really cool layered and I’ve worn this out and gotten a lot of response from this. The way I line it up is you know, very anatomical—even these lines kind of almost act as darts or shape you in a way without the actual darts being there and then the V is strategically placed, you know [laughs]. And just the way it lines up from the side is really nice ‘cos the flowers are kind of like a mirror. I also really like this set [Calliope Bewilder Bralette and Sheer Panty]—this teal color is really amazing. The fabric soaks it up. I only really dye it for 2 minutes and then I have to fish it out otherwise it gets too saturated. So that one is really fun but functional at the same time."


From top to bottom in order: Eternal Daze Cut Out Romper in Cloud Dye; Eternal Daze Cut Out Romper mesh print detail; Anatomical Harmonia Bodysuit in Rubelite Dye/Hyper Floral; Veda Totem Garter Tank in Hyper Floral; Ouvert Open Back Tank Dress in Logwood Dye; Calliope Bewilder Bralette and Sheer Panty

Monday, June 20, 2011

Intimate Interview: Jenna Leigh of Jenna Leigh Lingerie & A Giveaway!

Summer officially starts tomorrow! How many weddings are you going to this season? Luckily I don't have as many to go to as some other people I know (haha, sorry friends!) but there are some super-gorgeous bridal lingerie options from Jenna Leigh Lingerie if you're in a squeeze. 

Jenna is getting married herself this fall, so to help her celebrate, we did a lil' interview and she's giving away the super-fun Flamingo button-front romper to a lucky Pretty Little Underthings reader! It's feels a bit odd to have another giveaway so soon, but I love Jenna Leigh's line (a few of her bras are in my regular rotation, shhh) and I'm really pumped for this giveaway!

Giveaway details are below after the interview, so read on about Jenna and what inspires her, and find out how to enter.
Flamingo Button-Front Romper. P.S. you could win this!!

Pretty Little Underthings: What inspired you to start an intimates line instead of say, ready-to-wear?
Jenna Leigh: I started this line because I felt there was a missing void in the marketplace for fashionable lingerie. There are many, many ready to wear brands constantly coming out each season. Lingerie is still considered a rare specialty item in the states.

PLU: Who is the Jenna Leigh woman? What do you think are some of her personality traits that would prompt her to choose Jenna Leigh instead of another line?
JL: The Jenna Leigh woman loves to look sexy but never over the top. She likes subtle sexiness & elegance. She can be casual but wants that extra little something to turn up the heat. She’s beautiful, confident, and loves fashion!

(r) Tremblant Set; (l) Malawi Set

PLU: What inspirations have you drawn for your collections from living in London, New York, and Miami?
JL: Living in London inspired me in every sense to create this lingerie line. Europeans are excited by undergarments and lingerie as a second wardrobe. Miami and New York—and all of my travels for that matter—have inspired me by their fashion cultures. New York is the fashion center of the world, alongside Paris. Living in this fabulous city, I have been able to get a sense of every fashion trend, brand, color, and style. It helps me every day, just to see the excitement on the streets in terms of fashion. I learn new things from simply sitting at a café and people watching!

PLU: I feel like each season gets better and better—the Kyoto set was one of my favorites. It looked like what Céline's intimates line would look like! How do RTW designers inspire you?
JL: RTW designers are a huge inspiration for me. I constantly follow their trends from season to season. My famous “Malawi” bra was inspired by cut-out/key hole looks on the runway and magazines. When army green was huge, I created army green lingerie. I just continue to follow amazing fashion tips & trends from top RTW designers, and then I use my own fashion sense of lingerie to merge them together.

PLU: The Jenna Leigh pieces I have are so beautiful and wouldn’t normally be seen as everyday wear, but for me, getting to wear something gorgeous every day makes me feel happier. Do you think there should be a distinction between “everyday lingerie” and “special occasion”? 
JL: I think there is always a need to hold a special occasion piece to the side, which will make you feel fantastic when you put it on, for either your wedding night, a special date, your birthday, anything! That being said, everyday is an occasion to feel happier like you mentioned. I truly believe that when you wear beautiful clothes, lingerie, shoes, the whole nine yards—you are in a better mood and feel more “confident”. Every woman out there should try wearing a beautiful bra on a random day to work and see how pretty they feel! 

(r) Namos Set; (l) Laos Set

PLU: Speaking of special occasions, you’re getting married soon! Are there any specific pieces from your own collection you would recommend to other brides-to-be? 
JL: Yes! Each season I launch a new bridal set. “Elle” was my first bridal set and is still a best seller for my brand. Spring/Summer 2011, we launched “Laos” which has beautiful sewn detail, padding, lace, and silk-really perfect for any bride. I also love the idea of brides daring to be different with a hint of color. Wedding gowns are so thick, nothing will show through!

PLU: Is there anything new and exciting we should look out for coming to Jenna Leigh Lingerie?
JL: Yes there is! Jenna Leigh is expanding our collection to double in size. For Spring 2012, we will have many more groups available, multiple color-ways, and we are going up to double D cups! No reason why more voluptuous women can’t wear sexy, beautiful lingerie too! 


So here are the mandatories to enter the giveaway for the Flamingo Romper (and follow them or your entry will be tossed out!):
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And an extra entry for:
4. Follow me on Twitter @e5thelove — leave your Twitter handle in your comment if you follow me.

Giveaway will close on Wednesday June 29th at 12pm EST. Good luck! xoxo

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Intimate Interview: Kristian Giambi of Brulee Lingerie

When I first saw Brulee Lingerie's collections last year, I was hooked by variety of pieces made in  gorgeous combinations of mesh, silk & super-soft jersey, topped off by small details that accentuate them perfectly. This year's spring/summer collection comes in soft pastels so muted that you'll want to make these pieces a part of your everyday wardrobe. Brulee designer Kristian Giambi generously answered some questions about what inspires her and her own favorite pieces.

(l) Boudoir Collection Corset Soft Bra & Knicker in Blush/Black, (r) Boudoir Collection Bodysuit in Mint/Black

Pretty Little Underthings: Your line is so sleek and elegant, with perfect details. What inspired you to start it?
Kristian Giambi: I wasn’t finding the type of lingerie and loungewear I wanted. So I was inspired to design undergarments that women would feel feminine and beautiful in, without the frills and lace. Classic pieces that are glamorous and have an edgy twist. That modern femininity is so sexy to me.

Kristian Giambi, designer & founder of Brulee Lingerie

PLU: What are some of the challenges you’ve had to overcome to launch your line?
KG: My personal life is my professional life these days. I’m focused on building the brand and increasing sales.

PLU: Would you say there’s a “Brulee woman” you’re designing for? If so, who is she?
KG: I would love for any woman, exuding strength, inner beauty and confidence to wear Brulee.

(l) Classic Collection Soft Bra & Boyshort in Cream, (r) Classic Collection Soft Bra & Legging in Black

PLU: Two of my favorite pieces are the Boudouir collection bodysuit and the Vamp collection soft bras. What are some of your personal favorites from your collection?
KG:  It is hard to just pick a few things… but I love the boy shorts, the fit is sooo amazing!  I have loved wearing my Vamp Cami’s lately. I also can’t take off a new cotton bodysuit that has not yet been released for retail. It will be available next season (Fall/Winter 2011) and I think Brulee fans will love it too.

PLU: A styling tip I like to reiterate to my readers is “innerwear as outerwear”. Any styling suggestions for Brulee pieces?
KG: Some of the pieces I design have some versatility. For example I like pairing the bodysuit with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt and jacket during the day, then simply removing the jacket for instant transition into evening & night.

(l) Vamp Collection Bodysuit in Blush, (r) Vamp Collection Corset Soft Bra & Boyshort in Blush

PLU: What can Brulee’s fans look for in the S/S 2011 collection?
KG: The color palette is beautiful and fresh. It promises to leave everyone wanting to know what is underneath…

PLU: What advice would you give to other aspiring designers?
KG: Education is important, but beyond that I believe finding a mentor in the business who can offer their insight is invaluable.
(l) Noir Collection Teddy in Cream/Black, (r) Noir Collection Camisole & Pant in Black/Cream
View all of Brulee's pieces online.
Follow Brulee on Twitter and like on Facebook.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Intimate Interview: Marni Franks of Thousand Dancers

I came across Thousand Dancers when a brightly patterned bra on Urban Outfitters' website caught my eye, and after a quick Google search, I think it took me about 3 minutes total to fall in love with these pieces. Marni Franks, textile & graphic designer and the creative force behind the Patti Smith-inspired intimates line, generously agreed to an interview despite current flood conditions in her native Australia.

Pretty Little Underthings: You studied graphic and textile design and experiment with a variety of methods to achieve your prints. What inspired you to start an intimates line?
Marni Franks: I’ve always adored textiles and even when studying graphic design, I took screen-printing classes and used my assignments to design textile ranges for intimates and bed linen.

I love the freedom of expression that intimates allow; they’re like the wearer’s little secret.  You can experiment so much more with color and prints in intimates and not be trapped by fashion trends.

PLU: I adore your line for the vibrant prints and variety of styles. Which pieces are your favorites?
Marni: My favorites change all the time, but at the moment I’m loving a combination of the Barefoot underwire bra in the Lennox digital print with the G.L.O.R.I.A. ruffle brief in salmon silk.

marni's current favorite bra, barefoot underwire in lennox digital print

PLU: Would you say there’s a specific type of woman you’re designing for? What are some of her personality traits and interests?
Marni: I like to think that the Thousand Dancers girl is a little bit different. She loves showing off bright intimates under loose tanks and sheer vintage dresses. She rocks out alone to rolling stones records in her living room whilst drinking scotch from candy colored coffee mugs. She matches her bra straps with her eye shadow, but clashes with her bag and shoes!

 Urban Outfitters recently sold your Nadia set online to the US market. Will there be opportunities to purchase your pieces in the US from other retailers or from your own website soon?

Marni: Yes definitely! The Urban Outfitters opportunity was amazing, I had two different bras on sale though them, the Lennox print and the Nadia print. Both have sold very well which has been really exciting!

US customers are also able to purchase off the Thousand Dancers website and I would love love love to get some items into US retailers. If any retailers are interested, they can contact me at
marni's current favorite bottoms, G.L.O.R.I.A. ruffle briefs in salmon silk

PLU: What are some of the challenges you’ve had to overcome to launch your line?
Marni: I launched the label on the day the Global Financial Crisis and as I write this my hometown of Brisbane, Australia is in a flood crisis. We’re all sitting and waiting for the waters to subside so we can get out there and help clean it all up. [Ed. note: information on how you can help relief organizations in Australia is at the end of this post.]

I’ve faced a lot of barriers on a macro level and even more on a micro scale. It hasn’t been an easy ride, but when the little wins come along—like being stocked in Urban Outfitters and getting website hits from across the globe—it makes it all incredibly worthwhile.

I get up every day wanting to do nothing else but keep building this label and I’m so incredibly lucky to get the opportunity to do that.

PLU: What advice would you give to other aspiring designers?
Marni: I would tell all aspiring designers to make sure you keep enjoying what you do. Establishing your own label is a lot of work. It’s only 5% design and 95% administration, marketing, sales and stock inventory. But if you’re really serious about it, then go for it.
Thanks Marni!

I asked Marni if there were any specific relief organizations she'd like to mention:
- The main one is the Premier's Flood Appeal to support the Queensland Flood victims.

- Brisbane RSPCA, who is our main organization for the care of sick and injured animals. Their head office was destroyed in the floods and they're not a government supported charity.

Visit Thousand Dancers online and follow on Twitter