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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bow-Chika-Bow-Bowww... Let's Talk About Bows, Baby

By that, I specifically mean bows on lingerie. I think I've posted very few sets that involve bows. They're not really my style, they're kind of difficult to wear out without having a hump in your butt, and going to the bathroom can incite fears of the bow dipping into the toilet inadvertently (you know, if it's a big bow). Even these Mimi Holliday bottoms with a little silk ribbon tie in the back are kind of a pain in the butt (haha, pun intended). But alas, that thong with the little silk bow led to the suggestion, "You should get more lingerie with bows." Ugghhh.

The only ones I could think of were from Mimi Holliday. What's a girl to do? Oh right, Google the crap out of "lingerie with bows". Okay, not really but I did find this round up of bottoms with bows in case any of you ladies ever go blank when someone tells you to get more lingerie with bows. Sigh.

1. Mimi Holliday Silk Bow-Back Thong
Available at, $60.

2. Ophelia Fancy Bow Back Knickers
Available at Faire Frou Frou, $145.

3. Hopeless Lingerie Cheryl Coral Silk Bow Garter Belt
Available at Hopeless Lingerie, $136.

4. Toad Lillie High-Waisted Vintage Inspired Silk Panties
Available at Bella Bella Boutique $95.

Bonus: This gorgeous peach & gold pair from Damaris is available at Faire Frou Frou, and they're on sale for $91.20 down from $228!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hump Day Pick: High-Waisted Loveliness

If you're a new reader (hello!), there's something you should know: j'adore high-waisted anything. Jeans, shorts, skirts, and of course, lingerie. Lucky me, there's tons of styles this season for high-waisted, NON-shapewear bottoms! Here's a roundup of five high-waisted bottoms I love—all at different price points.

1. Hopeless Lingerie Shelly Coral Modal Jersey Knickers
Available at Hopeless Lingerie, $70.

2. Agent Provacateur Cindy High-Waisted Net-Lace Briefs
Available at, $170.

3. Anthropologie Silhouette Brief

Available at, $48.

4. Only Hearts Stretch Lace High-Waist Panty
Available at, $24.

5. Elle Macpherson Obsidian Frances Culotte
Available at, $50.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hump Day Pick: Knickers by Hopeless Lingerie

I first posted about Hopeless Lingerie last month when I saw their adorable camis, and I haven't been able to get their fabulous high-waisted knickers out of my head. I was browsing through their online store again today, and I spotted these incredible Linda Modal Jersey Knickers.

I think they're the perfect follow-up to the Maison Close set I posted yesterday. These knickers are naughty AND nice, whereas the Maison Close is just plain naughty. The Linda knickers are a sweet pale pink and made of a soft jersey, but the elastics running along the sides make these bottoms stand out from any other undies you've seen.

Linda Modal Jersey Knickers, $125. Available online at Hopeless Lingerie.
*Note: these are made to order by hand in Australia, so allow 1-6 weeks if you're planning on gifting them!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Too Cute Camis by Hopeless Lingerie

Australian-based Hopeless Lingerie is one of my favorite Etsy finds. Their made-to-order pieces are so modern, yet hint at inspiration from vintage styles. I loved these two camisoles because they're made with bamboo & spandex jersey: easy to move in, basic, yet chic with perfect details. Expect to see me post more of their other pieces, I'm so in love with their line!

Babette Bamboo Jersey Camisole
Available on, $60.

Isabelle Bamboo Jersey Cropped Cami
Available on, $46.