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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Eve Party Outfits Inspired by BRULEE

Happy holidays y'all! New Year's Eve is in a few short days and you know I can't resist an opportunity to play around on Polyvore. I used some of my favorite bodysuits from BRULEE Lingerie as a base for some party outfit ideas I love. I love bodysuits as outerwear. Brulee has a few with super-sexy details, whether it's mesh cutouts or lace-up backs, and NYE is the perfect time to rock some of these. For more information about each item, click through on the image to go to Polyvore.

Brulee bodysuit image via Brulee. All others via

I really love red and purple together. No, I'm not color blind. If you have any taste at all, you'd know that, oddly enough, these two bold colors harmonize really well (even evidenced in the earrings!). Sorry, didn't mean to sound so patronizing. But look at how classy that looks! And when worn with a neutral-yet-classy silver bodysuit, create a perfect party outfit—especially if you want all eyes on you, all night long. And I know you do.

Brulee bodysuit image via Brulee. Rag & Bone boot image via All others via

This one's for the downtown girl, or the girl who lives in Midtown East with a downtown spirit and realistically knows that getting a cab on NYE will be impossible so she wants to avoid wearing heels at all costs and keep her legs warm. Yes, this one is probably my personal favorite. The bodysuit looks so demure from the front, but it's all party in the back. You'll want some Low Beams for this one (unless STN is your thing). I love the contrast of the neutral colors with the neon clutch too. Let's be real—throw on your favorite cardigan from your boyfriend's closet and you have the perfect weekend brunch outfit with this one. Versatility—that's my motto. You're welcome.

Brulee bodysuit image via Brulee. Clutch image via All others via

Bringing real meaning to the phrase "shake ya tailfeather". I avoided sequins in this post on purpose. They'll snag on other people's clothes and after your sequins snag that girl's silk Lanvin dress (let's be serious, it's probably from H&M but still she's mad and is about to dump her vodka & cranberry all over your perfect blowout) the partay will be kind of over. But feathers! They might shed and tickle a little but that's okay. You can pick out feathers from people's drinks—no harm, no fowl. Haha get it? Fowl. But anyway, this mint green + black bodysuit is just asking for a peacock setup. Strut your stuff and show 'em what you're working with. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Guest Blogger Wishlist: Arielle Shapiro of ARI DEIN

ARI DEIN is one of this blog's favorite labels to look at, lust after, and gush about. The pieces are stunning and the tiniest details add so much to each luxe silk creation. Collection creatrice Arielle Shapiro is a member of the latest class of the CFDA Incubator program, and I can't wait to see what's next. I mean, c'mon - the girl sold out on Shopbop in a week!

1. ARI DEIN Classic Boutique Hotel Pajamas 

These are the apple of my lingerie-loving eye this season. I had long dreamt of adding a set like this to the collection, but I knew that they would be expensive. But, Journelle's CEO Claire Chambers convinced me (over a glass of wine) that there was indeed a void in the marketplace for a super-luxe menswear inspired PJ set. With her encouragement I went ahead with the concept and put my signature stamp on it. Since, they've been featured on Gossip Girl, in Elle Magazine, The Wall St. Journal, New York Magazine, and WWD. And thanks to you awesome readers and holiday shoppers, they sold out on in the first millisecond!

2. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne

I was sitting in a full day conference at Stern Business school and in the spirit of Elle Woods Dein, I was in fact the only attendee wearing a bright red Donna Karen shift dress in a sea of grey herringbone and black stocking sheers. I sat next to one girl in particular and the longer the seminar went on, the more intoxicated I became by her choice of fragrance. Until finally, the scentstalker that I am, I asked for the name of her perfume. It was, in fact, a Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir that was tickling my nose. Ah-maze. It smells like purple money and fresh-clean happiness.


My grandmother taught me to write my name in cursive with a yellow one. She instructed that it was the only pen with which to sign a check. She was correct.


This exists, so you should buy it. Now you know when I say I'm looping jazz records I'm really making a Nat King Cole station on Pandora and fake Victroling. How 19-21st Century of me!

5. "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde

You can totally cut away the book jacket with an exact-o knife and then cover "Men Are From Mars, Women are From Venus" with it. This way, when you are having afternoon tea at Peacock Alley, the pretty foreign man locking eyes with you from across the lobby won't know you're such a mess until after he's asked you for dinner. And flown you to St. Barths to eat it.

Shop Arielle's wishlist!
2. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne, $110 (100ml). Available at
3. MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA BY L'ATELIER D'EXERCICES Ostrich feather pen, $60. Available at
4. iVictrola. Sold out.
5. The Picture of Dorian Gray, $12. Sold out.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Guest Blogger Wishlist: Mara Millich of Journelle

I first met Mara almost a year ago during one of my (many) visits to Journelle Union Square. I adored her immediately and always look forward to seeing her when I wander into my favorite lingerie boutique (Journelle, follow along here). I was so excited when she agreed to guest blog her holiday wishlist, and it definitely doesn't disappoint. I mean, Mara's really sweet but she's also kinda badass, and so is her wishlist. Check it out. P.S. Congratulations to Mara, who is now a member of the Journelle buying team! xo

1. Myla Gail Balcony Bra and Pearl G-String
images via journelle

This set is the absolute apex of hotness—the kind of lingerie that dreams and “kept men” are made of. Real (trust me, I checked) pearls attached to the most exquisite black lace from London based Myla. If lingerie were a sport, this set would be your MVP.

2. Chloé Bracelet Ankle Boots

I cannot stop lusting after the British rock star badass-ery of these boots, even after learning that they are from the men's collection. They would be equally adorable with skinny jeans or a skirt and perfectly at home with the hipsters in Williamsburg. 

3. Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Oil
image via lelo

We've had massage oils lubes, liquids and the like before, but nothing compares to this awesome new oil from Lelo. Shake it before you try and you will find that the oil is enhanced with little 24kt gold flakes that make your skin glow. I'm not really a "massage" person but I'll be taking this home simply because of how good it feels (and looks) on my skin. My favorite scent is the Fresh Lily and Musk. The Spicy Clove and Amber has a richer, more decadent, almost spicy scent.

4. Belstaff Roadmaster Jacket
image via j.crew

My mom likes to tell a little story about how 14 year-old Mara put this coat on at Harrods in London, and cried because she couldn't have it. Older, more sophisticated (and employed!) Mara doesn't throw tantrums anymore but still thinks this coat is classic and the perfect mix between being flippant and in fashion. 

5. Wolford Brilliant Tights
image via journelle

My fiancé has gotten to the point where when picking me up from work, he simply plops down in the man chairs, and barely raises an eye to the glorious celebration of womanhood that is Journelle. Last week however, I came downstairs to find him clutching a package of the Wolford Brilliant Tights. Upon approach, he looks up and says "I want you to wear these, but I don't think I could let you out of the house." Enough said.

Shop Mara's wishlist!
1. Myla Gail Balcony Bra, $250. Pearl G-string, $136. Both available at
2. Chloé Bracelet Ankle Boots, €610. Available at
3. Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Oil, $39.90. Available at
4. Belstaff Roadmaster Jacket, $595. Available at
5. Wolford Brilliant Tights, $225. Available at

Monday, December 12, 2011

Guest Blogger Wishlist: Shayna Kulik of Pattern Pulp

Shayna Kulik is a NYC-based designer and the founder of Pattern Pulp (est. 2006), a trend forecasting and design studio where she works with brands and agencies to help define creative and digital strategies. In 2009 she launched the popular blog, a forum dedicated to providing insight into emerging concepts in print and pattern design.

I've been a fan of Pattern Pulp's blog for awhile now, so I was nerdly excited when Allison Beale of George PR introduced us, and nerdly thrilled when Shayna agreed to guest blog her own holiday wishlist! Shayna’s approach to her work is based on making out-of-the-ordinary connections from across many categories and genres. Her love of travel, reading, photography, exploring the Internet and social media, meeting colorful characters in far-flung locales, and immersing herself in the current zeitgeist wherever she goes all contribute greatly to her process—and to her amazing wishlist.

1. Jean-Paul Gaultier for La Perla Feuillage Tulle Set
image via pinterest

I love delicate design that's not too girly. The lace has subtle 2D graphic nuances, it almost looks like white eyelet's cooler older cousin.

2. Of a Kind Clove Scarf
image via of a kind

Keeping things textured and structured, this scarf from Of a Kind doubles as a bold bow tie!

3. Crumpled City Maps
image via uncommongoods

I travel quite a bit for work and my maps end up either ripped or stuck behind data paywalls. This set of crumpled maps by Emanuele Pizzolorusso is genius. I wish they had one for Shanghai, as I'm headed there in a few weeks.

4. 3.1 Phillip Lim Initials Cropped Tee
image via barneys

Animal patterns are timeless and I have them sprinkled throughout my closet. This set from 3.1 Phillip Lim is casual and I love that the shirt doubles as outerwear.

5. Alexander Wang Dillon Sneakers
image via alexander wang

I'm always on the hunt for stylish sneakers - if they have texture or a bright accent, I'm sold. This pair from Alexander Wang has both!

Shop Shayna's wishlist!
1. Jean-Paul Gaultier for La Perla Feuillage Tulle Set, no longer available. Featured previously on PLU.
2. Of a Kind Clove Scarf, $195. Available at
3. Crumpled City Maps, $20. Available at
4. 3.1 Phillip Lim Initials Cropped Tee, $175. Available at
5. Alexander Wang Dillon Sneakers, $385. Available at

Follow Shayna on Twitter & check out her blog,

Friday, December 9, 2011

Guest Blogger Wishlist: Mimi Nguyen of

My friend Mimi Nguyen is one of the most stylish people I know, with an intense energy and passion for life. She's a founding member of the non-profit organization Pencils of Promise, and recently launched a startup with her partners called—a super-easy way to share and view street style (currently by invitation only). Read on to see what she wants this year, and the team is extending an exclusive invite to thread to Pretty Little Underthings' readers if you leave a comment here!

1. Kiki de Montparnasse Intime Jersey Wrap Teddy

It's the girl-next-door type of sexy. I'm so busy most of the days that I appreciate my down time. This looks like the perfect at home lounge piece. I can feel comfortable to be a sexy couch potato while I run down my DVR list of trashy reality tv.

2. Missoni Home Gomitolo Set of Three Wax Candles

These are super fun and would go well in my apartment that's a mix of POP colors. I think these are simple accents to add in my home that are also functional. 

3. Dannijo Bibi Necklace
image via

I love all of Dannijo's artwork. I find all of their pieces inspiring, empowering, and sensuous. It's like wearing a mirror into my soul.

4. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Books are one of my favorite gifts to give and receive. Steve Jobs was a fascinating and inspirational man that's lasting impact will be felt for generations to come. I want nothing more than to cozy up at home and read his biography to learn more about this man we heard of but knew little about. I'm hoping I can take away something for my journey as a young entrepreneur. 

5. Braced-lets Pencils of Promise Exclusive Tri-Pack

These are the coolest bracelets out now. A few of my friends noticed them (in other colors) on me and asked where I got them. Well, now I've got another reason to get more! The non-profit organization Pencils of Promise (I'm a founding member) just launched the collaboration with Braced-lets. The profits from this partnership will go to building and sustaining a new school in Nicaragua! 

Shop Mimi's wishlist!
2. Missoni Home Gomitolo Set of Three Wax Candles, $575. Available at
3. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, $17.87. Available at
4. Dannijo Bibi Necklace, $495. Available at
5. Braced-lets Pencils of Promise Exclusive Tri-Pack, $12. Available at

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Giveaway: Between the Sheets Lingerie!

Remember this little preview from a few months ago for Between the Sheets' new Airplay and Birds of Play collections? Yep. I love Airplay's breezy mesh pieces that comes four beautiful colors that you can layer to add dimension. I love Birds of Play's unique feather lace design that you won't see anywhere else. Triangle bras, high-waist panties and babydolls with super-sexy cutout designs that still have a playful quality—with so much opportunity for innerwear as outerwear, what's not to love?

So here's the deal: BTS is generously offering to give away a piece from the Birds of Play collection. Winner gets to choose (actual prize depends on size availability)! And between three different items and two different colors, there's something here you're bound to love.

Want to enter? Do this:
1. Like BTS Lingerie on Facebook
2. Follow BTS Lingerie on Twitter
3. Like Pretty Little Underthings on Facebook
4. Bonus points if you follow me on Twitter
5. Leave a comment with your name, email address & Twitter handleand tell us, what's your lucky charm?

The giveaway will run between Wednesday December 7th through Wednesday December 14th. So if you're a gal who wants to win for herself or for a friend, enter! If you're a dude who wants to win for his lady or a family member, enter! We'll choose one lucky winner and announce him/her on Thursday the 15th. Good luck! xoxo

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Guest Blogger Wishlist: Christina Remenyi of Fortnight Lingerie

I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Christina Remenyi, founder of Toronto label Fortnight Lingerie, via email the past few months and it's been such a thrill to learn more about her collections + brand. I love how her wishlist focuses on fellow Toronto createurs as well as some really smokin' hot lingerie!

1. Tara Bra & Panty Set by Yasmine Eslami

I don’t often wear underwires, but I’d make an exception for this!

2. Lace-appliquéd silk-satin robe by Carine Gilson

The dream robe.

3. Elastometric Bra by Mark Fast
What an incredible creation!

4. Love Fresh Body Scrub

These scrubs get me through the long dry winter.  It's amazing how pretty and soft you feel after using them.

5. Soak Wash Travel Set
image via

A travel necessity! Perfect for everything delicate.

Shop Christina's wishlist!
1. Yasmine Eslami Tara Bra, €90 and Panty €45. Available at
2. Carine Gilson Lace-appliquéd silk-satin robe, $1,450. Available at
3. Mark Fast Elastometric Bra, $393. Available at
4. Love Fresh Body Scrub, $28. Available at
5. Soak Wash Gift Set, $20. Available at

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Guest Blogger Wishlist: Janet Lee

One of my closest friends, Janet Lee is an account executive at Tribal DDB, a New York-based digital advertising agency. She's also one of the most fashionable people I know, with fabulous hair and an amazing sense of humor. I love this wishlist she put together because it's so... quintessentially her. If you're ever lucky enough to meet her, you'll see what I mean.

1. Roseanna Spider Lace Triangle Bra + Lace Panty

I love the delicate lace texture and amazing color combination of Roseanna’s Spider Lace Triangle Bra and matching bottom. The rust colored trim against the navy blue gives is so appealing, I want to wear it every day.

2. Drovers Dog Custom Motorcycle by Deus Ex Machina
photo via Deus Ex Machina

Although this is a HUGE stretch for me, I've developed a serious crush on motorcycles. There's something liberating, solitaire and nostalgic about riding. My buddy who is a motorcycle enthusiast introduced me to Deus Ex Machina, an Australian brand that customizes all things handsome on two wheels with an engine. Maybe I’ll start off with getting a license first. This is one of my favorite bikes from their custom line.

3. Warby Parker Optical Frames, Fillmore in Tennessee Whiskey
photo via Warby Parker

I’ve been looking for another pair of frames and Warby Parker carries styles that are chic, timeless and most importantly, they provide a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair that they sell. Perfect gift item—go get a pair!

4. Judith Laptop Case by Henrik Vibskov

This case is perfect to tote your laptop around when you’re on-the-go—it’s really versatile... I’d wear it as an oversized clutch anytime, any day.

5. Cube Aeriums by Flora Grubb Gardens

Although I don’t have exactly a green thumb—succulents, cacti and air-plants have always been forgiving since they’re very low maintenance. Not only are they adorable as gifts but these plants can really liven up an interior space. Check out these cube-aeriums.

Shop Janet's wishlist!