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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Late Bird Doesn't Get the Lingerie

Ugh, of course, these amazing Balmain pieces went on sale when I wasn't paying attention and and now they're sold out. Adding this one to my list of things I really missed out on. Damn.

Images via

Pierre Balmain Black Tulle Corset Bra, $325 ($98 on sale) and High-Waisted Tulle Corset Bottoms, $250 ($125 on sale). No longer available at

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tempting Tuesdays: Marni, Oh Marni

Tuesdays will feature a lustworthy lingerie set and a suggested retailer. I think we all need a little something beautiful to at least look at to get us through the week. Hope you love them as much as I do!

Marni Stretch Silk-Satin Set

So I read yesterday that Marni is launching a kids line, which seemed to make some people mad. I honestly don't give two cares as long as lingerie like this gorgeous set keeps on comin'. I feel like emerald green undies are pretty rare, and I love how it's used as an accent color on this set rather than your usual pinks and purples. The retro style combined with the colorblocked design gives it a sporty feel, but these aren't your boyfriend's BVDs—thanks to the luxe stretchy, silky satin that you'll want next to your skin (and he might want to feel it too, so give him a hug).

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Clare Bare S/S 2012: Bright Lights, Space-Dye

I got to meet Clare Bare last month at the Lingerie Designer Showcase, which was pretty exciting. I had heard about her and seen a few of her pieces online, but experiencing her collection in person was a real pleasure. I loved hearing about her process and how her lingerie line came about (she had a growing collection of vintage fabrics that she need to use them for something). 

Her eco-friendly creations are pretty awesome and super-soft to the touch. She incorporates some really striking details, like criss-cross strappy details in the back of a bodysuit, and tie-dyed mesh paneling to bare it all. These three were some of my favorites—but you really should check out the rest of her collection.

I really loved this bodysuit—the way the back dips, how the straps in the back cross down and around so it doesn't gap, and the tie-dyed mesh is super sexy but still really fun.

Hustle Rose Wireless Bustier & Phoenix Lights Garter Short, Night Bloomer Collection 
Okay, y'all know I love anything high-waisted and this garter short is no exception. The bustier bra has a really cool strap detail in the back and as the name says—no wires! Yay! I mean, I know some of you need that but smaller cups who hate wires, rejoice. This one's for you. Plus, the floral-print cups give this otherwise serious bustier a sweet spin.

Illuminate Me Criss Cross Romper, Night Bloomer Collection 
Guyssssss, I'm telling you: this one is gorgeous! The bright chartreuse contrasted with the black accents and floral print is something really special. I love how it's cut and pieced together. And it's super-soft to the touch. Always a good quality for lingerie. This one also has a scoop bottom (helloooo back dimples!) and a criss-cross strappy detail. Do it.

All photos courtesy of Clare Bare.

Clare Bare on Etsy
Clare Bare on BigCartel

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Lil' Story About Control Briefs

No, seriously. Control briefs. More specifically, these puppies by BodyWrap:
image via me

I saw that pair (along with a really pretty rose print pair) at CURVE last February. I loved the retro, high-waist style and the pretty prints that made them look less like the shapewear we've all come to imagine in our heads (Bridget Jones, anyone?). I'm not particularly a shapewear advocate—mostly because I feel like a lot of brands market their products as an alternative to exercising and eating healthy (hint: FALSE)—but I understand a gal's need for a smooth profile. Heck, I have a pair of these Wolfords that I wear under a maxi dress from T by Alexander Wang sometimes because the dress' cotton jersey is so thin that you can see EVERYTHING. Anyway, I loved the BodyWrap stuff and raved about how pretty it was to everyone who would listen (sorry friends).

After CURVE, the lovely PR gals for BodyWrap sent over two pairs of The Must Brief-It control briefs from their Sheer Iridesscent collection, in Organza Red and Diva Dot. After happily parading around in my apartment a few times trying them on, I knew I needed to wear them out for a night on the town. So I did. And I learned a VERY, VERY IMPORTANT lesson: DO NOT WEAR THEM WITH JEGGINGS.

Sidebar: okay, I need to explain why I was even wearing jeggings in the first place. I had started going to yoga and started losing weight to the point where all of my skinny jeans (har har) were too big. I happened to find a pair of jeggings on sale for $9.99 at Urban Outfitters and they ended up being a staple until I finally had time to hunt for new jeans.

As soon as I left my apartment I knew I was in for an interesting night, considering that every time I took a step, my jeggings started to sliiiide down my butt, since the BodyWrap briefs were so slick. I pretty much spent the rest of the night hiking up my faux-jeans every other minute, and stayed aperch a bar stool so I wouldn't have to stand around in fear that my stupid pants were slipping off millimeter by millimeter even when I was standing still.

So yeah. Get these briefs if you're a fan of high-waisted styles and general prettiness, but just don't wear them with jeggings.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hump Day Pick: Retro Beauty in Parfait by Affinitas

Full disclaimer before we start today's Hump Day Pick: this post is purely based on aesthetics, since Parfait by Affinitas only carries 30D-40G, and I clearly am not qualified to write about how it fits (let's be serious, I'm a 32A/B these days). I saw this back in February at RichPR's lingerie preview, and I was so, so sad that it didn't come in my size. I really love the contrast of the smooth contrast-y, peachy satin with the black trim—it puts accents in all the right places. And at just $57 for the set, it'll keep your money in the right place—your bank account.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tempting Tuesdays: Celebrating with a Vintagey Set from The Lake and Stars

Tuesdays will feature a lustworthy lingerie set and a suggested retailer. I think we all need a little something beautiful to at least look at to get us through the week. Hope you love them as much as I do!

Wave Lace Bustier Bra and High-Waisted Briefs by The Lake and Stars
I haven't done a Tempting Tuesdays post in awhile, so I thought it was only appropriate that the comeback post would be dedicated to my first lingerie love, The Lake and Stars. I picked up this set for myself Memorial Day weekend as a "yay, new job!" gift to myself (I'm single, I'm allowed to reward myself for lots of reasons), and a surprise 20% off at Azaleas NYC didn't hurt either.

This set can seem a bit intimidating in photos, but it really has an incredibly gorgeous delicate quality as well. I'm definitely filing the bottoms under "power bitch briefs" (and I'll even make a new tag for that), but the hook-and-eye closure in the back makes 'em hottie-hot-hot. I love that they took their Grand Prix briefs and added the lace panel in front. The architectural feel of the lines in the briefs give the illusion that they're sculpting around your body—without the Spanx effect.

The long-line bustier bra is a dream come true for innerwear-as-outerwear connoisseurs. Even before I bought this, when I first saw it on Azaleas' site, I was already thinking of ways I could wear it and incorporate it into everyday outfits. Let's be serious—it's WAY too gorgeous to hide from the world. I tried it on at home with a black maxi skirt that I wear high-waisted, and it ended up looking like an amazing dress. Throw on a sheer-ish white linen button-down (well, maybe not these days because it's like, 80 and humid in NYC and I'd rather not wear clothes but for common decency I have to), shorts, and your favorite flat sandals for a casual summer evening look! I'm going to have a lot of fun with this one, that's for sure.

Wave lace bustier bra, $165. Available at Azaleas NYC and
Wave lace high-waisted briefs, $60. Available at Azaleas NYC and

Friday, April 29, 2011

Fashion Friday: Lingerie is the Best Accessory

I loved this Spring 2011 ad campaign for Polish accessories line Quazi starring Anja Rubik, but I honestly couldn't care less for the accessories. I browsed through the photos before I read the description, and I thought the campaign was for lingerie. I was wrong, but I wanted to share some of the photos I loved.

all images via.

Check out more photos here.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hump Day Pick: High-Waisted Loveliness

If you're a new reader (hello!), there's something you should know: j'adore high-waisted anything. Jeans, shorts, skirts, and of course, lingerie. Lucky me, there's tons of styles this season for high-waisted, NON-shapewear bottoms! Here's a roundup of five high-waisted bottoms I love—all at different price points.

1. Hopeless Lingerie Shelly Coral Modal Jersey Knickers
Available at Hopeless Lingerie, $70.

2. Agent Provacateur Cindy High-Waisted Net-Lace Briefs
Available at, $170.

3. Anthropologie Silhouette Brief

Available at, $48.

4. Only Hearts Stretch Lace High-Waist Panty
Available at, $24.

5. Elle Macpherson Obsidian Frances Culotte
Available at, $50.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fashion Friday: As You Like It

I've been so busy with work this week and fighting a cold, so my apologies for missing posts since Tuesday. But it's Friday, which means some pretty editorials featuring lingerie. A few photos I adored from this week:

Loved these two photos of Toni Garrn from Harper's Bazaar, April 2011. Camilla Akrans can make anything ethereal and gorgeous. Both these sheer dresses amplified my wanderlust and I can't wait for a Californian escape. See the entire gorgeous white photoshoot here: via.

Loved the contrasting photos in this vintage-inspired editorial by Liz Ham in Helmet #2. The entire editorial contrasts playful group shots of the models with stunning, piercing stares of individual models. via.

Last but not least, this stunning shot of Nimue Smit by Sebastian Kim for Numéro #122. Helloooo legs, helloooo fabulous wedges, and HIIIIII bodysuit! Love the belt pairing here. via.

See more photos I love on tumblr.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tempting Tuesdays: Feuillage Tulle Set by Jean-Paul Gaultier for La Perla

Tuesdays will feature a lustworthy lingerie set and a suggested retailer. I think we all need a little something beautiful to at least look at to get us through the week. Hope you love them as much as I do!

Feuillage Tulle Set by Jean-Paul Gaultier for La Perla
Happy spring! Gaultier does it again with this intricately detailed, peacock-blue-green set that makes me wish for warmer weather (the tease we got in NYC this past weekend wasn't enough). With briefs decorated to look like leaves are growing from your ladybits, and a bralette made of sheer tulle and detailed with silk twill, you can look like Mother Earth when she's on lovermoon.

At this price point, this set is definitely not for the faint-hearted (or those who have their wallets on lockdown), and only for the diehard La Perla / Gaultier fans, but looking is always free. 

Triangle bra, $590. Tulle briefs, $395. Available at

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fashion Friday: Editorials Love Lingerie

After a rough couple of weeks, I finally had time tonight to scroll through my blog readers and saw a few lingerie-focused photos from various high-fashion editorials that I loved. Hence, Fashion Friday is born. I mean, c'mon—lingerie in editorials AND alliteration? YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT. Enjoy!

Anja Rubik in a Miu Miu jacket & Rochas briefs for Vogue Australia April 2011, via.

Vanessa Paradis in Chanel, i-D Pre-Spring 2011, via.

Amber Valetta for Vogue Italia March 2011, via.

Magdalena Frackowiak for Numéro #121, via.

Gisele Bünchen for Vogue Turkey March 2011, via.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Say Hi to Thursday: A Delicate Neutral Set from Araks

Say Hi to Thursday, a special day of the week when there's only one more work day before a glorious weekend awaits. Pretty Little Underthings will showcase a weekend-perfect piece we'd love to wear.

Uma Bralett & Mirabella Hipster by Araks
Don't you just love this Araks set? The color is called "foundation", which is about right (for some people, anyway. I mean, if my foundation was this color then I'd be way too dark). But the sheer cotton crepe with silk trim is so Araks, so irresistible, especially when it comes with those delicate pleats in the center of the bralette and the tummy area of the bottoms. Ya'll can fight with me on high-waisted bottoms all you want—but I'm tellin' ya, they're a great motivator to tone up the abs. Just think Lara Stone in this editorial. Yeah. Just think about it.

Uma Bralett in foundation, sold out (nooooo!). Mirabella hipster in foundation, $110 (yay!). Available at Araks.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tempting Tuesdays: The I-Want-Swimwear Edition, Part I

Tuesdays will feature a lustworthy lingerie set and a suggested retailer. I think we all need a little something beautiful to at least look at to get us through the week. Hope you love them as much as I do!

1. The Phoenix Triangle Bikini by We Are Handsome
LOVE the delicately fiery print on this bikini and how it manages to be almost feathery at the same time. The satin finish and gold-tipped strings add a bit of a luxe feel. Minor detail: Phoenix is one of my favorite bands, so yeah. This at the top of my list, heyyy.

2. Valentine Printed Underwired Bikini by Zimmermann
Such a fun tropical print on this underwire bikini! The pretty white crochet trims are what differentiate this from any old suit you'd find, as well as a detachable halterneck strap in case a strapless top isn't for you.

3. Haven Floral-Print Bandeau Bikini by JETS by Jessika Allen
Bandeau top? Check. Pretty floral print? Check. High-waisted bottoms? CHECK! The ruched panel in the front of the bottoms is very forgiving. I love the print's pointillist style, and who doesn't love wearing a painting? You know you'd want to.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Innerwear As Outerwear: "Little Bandits", Lonely Hearts' A/W 2011 Collection

Lonely Hearts has some of the most gorgeous geometric lingerie & bodysuits I've seen, and I love the way it's styled in their A/W 2011 collection's lookbook. They posted some photos on Facebook last week, and I can't help but post some of the outfits I'd love to wear.

View all the photos on Facebook.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Say Hi to Thursday: Key Lime Set by Jenna Leigh

Say Hi to Thursday, a special day of the week when there's only one more work day before a glorious weekend awaits. Pretty Little Underthings will showcase a weekend-perfect piece we'd love to wear.

Key Lime Set by Jenna Leigh
I'M TIRED OF WINTER ALREADY. I just want sweet sunshine and warm weather again. But it's only January, so I know I'll have to be patient. Luckily, Jenna Leigh made this super-cute, super-sunny set for Anthropologie and it'll have to hold us over until we get some real sunshine again. 

Sizing note: a small may not fit properly in the bust if you're an A. Larger A's/Small B's might have some luck, but none for smaller than that, sadly. I love long-line bralettes so I was a little sad when it didn't fit right in the cups, though my bank account cried for joy. (Yes, I tried it on—I couldn't help it. It was just sitting there, looking so bright and cheery! Don't judge. You would've done it too.)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tempting Tuesdays: Hot Bottoms for Valentine's Day

Tuesdays will feature a lustworthy lingerie set and a suggested retailer. I think we all need a little something beautiful to at least look at to get us through the week. Hope you love them as much as I do!

Hot Bottoms for Valentine's Day!

Lace, open backs, hook-and-eye closures, sleek satins—whatever turns you on, here's four sultry picks for Saint Valentine's Day... even if these scream "siren" instead of "saint".

1. Rosalyn Open Back Knicker by Myla
Available at, $106.

2. Stephanee Satin Tanga Briefs by Agent Provacateur
Available at, $170.

3. Rouge d'Amour Boy Short by Mimi Holliday
Available at Derrière de Soie, $80.

4. Grand Prix Hook-n-Eye Brief by The Lake and Stars
Available at, $60.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tempting Tuesdays: VPL Liquid Jersey Bra and Briefs

Tuesdays will feature a lustworthy lingerie set and a suggested retailer. I think we all need a little something beautiful to at least look at to get us through the week. Hope you love them as much as I do!

VPL Liquid Jersey Bra and Briefs
In honor of the upcoming Holiday season, I'd like to dedicate this week's Tempting Tuesday set to one of my best friends, Erica. She is the ultimate lover of all things sparkly, glittery and shiny. Though she likes to fight me on high-waisted briefs, I think the high shimmer level of this set might make up for the style. 

Liquid jersey bra, $165. Briefs, $135. Available at