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Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday Mania Sale Updates

Alright, chickadees. Here's the Cyber Monday roundup, just make sure you don't break the internets (or get fired for shopping online all day at work). Happy shopping! xx

Manhattanites rejoice - if you're in a particular zip code, Everlane will deliver to you in under an hour for the same cost as standard shipping. Still thinking about more of these muscle tanks...

40% off almost everything + an extra 10% off! Use code CYBERMONDAY1. Ends 12/1.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Scoop on Black Friday...

Happy Thanksgiving, my dears! I'm a little delirious from prepping cooking + putting together this one-stop shopping post for the best Black Friday sales, but I'm looking forward to sleeping in a little, drinking the bottle of Sancerre I found today, and eating my heart out at dinner.

So I'm not a big fan of stores being open on Thanksgiving day, but a lot of online retailers are starting their Black Friday promos today and hey, that doesn't hurt anyone (or too many people…). And you can shop on your phone under the table while your crazy aunt or uncle is going on and on at dinner. Here's a roundup of some lingerie sales (and sales on sites that sell lingerie… and also some of my favorite clothes in general), and a few choice items from each. There are some great Cyber Monday deals a-comin' too, so check back Monday morning to see what those are.

[Ed. Note: The following list has been edited to reflect latest sales & expired deals as of 11/30/14.]

20% off online (and in stores) through Monday with code GETCOZY. Love these bralets and adore the star print on all the Starry Eyed pieces. The Paloma pieces are a great choice for bridal shower gifts too, by the way. Left to right: Paloma Bralet, Starry Eyed Dolman Top, Emilia Bralet.

40% off with code BLACKFRIDAY on a selection of items ranging from slips, camis, shorts & soft bras. My favorites: The Lily Soft Bra & The Mercedes Underwire Bra.

40% off everything with code GOBBLEUP. Also, their super-cute and festive PJs are buy one get one free, and undies are 10 for $30… which is pretty insane. I love these mini-boyshorts—they're pretty similar to the lace tanga style that I loved two years ago. Check out these too: Waffle Sleep Leggings, Flannel Pajama Pants (with polar bears!), and the Skinny Joggers (I got a pair of these and have been living in them this weekend).

Friday, November 9, 2012

It's Sample Sale Season!

Alright kids, here's a quick rundown of three awesome sample sales that you're not going to want to miss (that sounded really convincing, right??):

Zinke Intimates Sample Sale, Saturday November 10—starts at 10am
image courtesy of GeorgePR

147 West 22nd Street, Ste 3S, between 5th & 6th Avenues

Hanky Panky Sample Sale, Monday November 12-14—see below for times
Chelsea Market, 410 West 16th St, between 9th & 10th Avenues

Araks Sample Sale, Thursday November 15—8am - 8pm
137 Grand Street, 5th Floor, between Crosby & Lafayette
Autumn Collection, RTW, Sleepwear & Lingerie

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Hanky Panky Sample Sale is Coming!

I was thinking to myself last week that I need to replenish my undies drawer with some more Hanky Panky everyday basics, and I made a mental note to look up when the next sample sale will be. My friend must have read my mind because two days later, she forwarded me this email: 

Yippeee!! And just in time for some holiday shopping if you want to get an early start on gifts for the ladies in your life too. I'll be there stocking up on some basics, so stay tuned for a sale report next month.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Postcard from London: Kinky Knickers at Liberty

Please excuse the reflective photo, we were blessed with a very sunny day with clear blue skies in London!

I was in Paris and London briefly last week for a business trip, and during our whirlwind day in London, we visited Liberty. It's an absolutely amazing place—I'll write up a separate post extolling the Liberty experience, but this quickie is for the window display we saw as we left Liberty to head over to Selfridges. 

Kinky Knickers! As seen on TV! NEW COLOURS!!!! It amused me to see how the "as seen on TV endorsement is as strong in the UK as it is in the US. I didn't get a chance to see the product in the store, but according Liberty's website, everything is made in the UK. The styles and the proud "made in the UK" stamp seems to me it's kind of the British version of US' Hanky Panky? 

They're only sold in the UK, and retail guru Mary Portas is the mastermind behind this line. Supporting British manufacturing and retailers, it looks like Kinky Knickers is working hard to keep retailers supplied with an unexpectedly high demand. Pretty awesome! 

British readers, if any of you have seen these or own a pair, let me know what you think!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

12 Days of Christmas: Hanky Panky Low-Rise Thong 5-Pack!

On the first day of Christmas, my hottie gave to me... an Eberjey Onesie!
On the second day of Christmas, my hottie gave to me... a Jean Yu Silk-Chiffon Triangle Bra!
On the third day of Christmas, my hottie gave to me... a Thousand Dancers Bralette!
On the fourth day of Christmas, my hottie gave to me... a Lounge Lover Travel Babe Set!
On the fifth day of Christmas, my hottie gave to me... 
Hanky Panky Low-Rise Thong 5-Pack
I know that most people, especially men, have an aversion to giving lingerie as a gift because sizing can be tricky. These Hanky Panky low-rise thongs may be the exception to the rule. ONE size fits 2-12, and it's been called the underwear of choice by pregnant women for a reason. One of my girlfriends said that they'll still fit if you gain weight, and when you lose it, they'll still fit! If the lady you're buying for is teeny (sizes 0-4), there are petite options, but this 5-pack should do the trick.

5-Pack, $82. Individually, $18. Available at

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hump Day Pick: La Baker Set by Hanky Panky

Who knew that Hanky Panky, creators and purveyors of the world's most perfect thong, could get this cute? Floral lace sweetens up naughty neutral-colored mesh, and the black trim gives the set strong outline on your body if your skintone matches up. (But really, who other than cartoon characters can call that color "nude"?)

La Baker bra, $58. Bottoms, $40. Available online at

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Notes from the Hanky Panky Sample Sale

I magically got out of work on time last night to make it to the VIP Hanky Panky sample sale and to meet a friend of mine who just got engaged last month (her ring is gorgeous, btw)! Some notes on what to expect today before you head over:

- coat & bag check is mandatory
- classic bottoms: low-rise, original, petite, bridal are all "to order". each style has color options up on the wall, you tell an associate which colors you'd like, they mark it off on a sheet and you go pick up your order over by checkout. it's actually pretty efficient and with so many colors available for the low-rise style, it's probably the most organized system they could have. think of it as a B&H photo/video experience, but with people, not robots.
- retro thongs are in one box. i saw a couple pink and some chai colored ones, but the box was mostly the bengal print.
- the majority of the bralettes and bottoms are $10 each. there were a couple boxes of purple-ish boyshorts for $3.
- color options for classic bralettes were much more varied in Mediums than x-small and small. didn't see boxes for bralettes in Large.
- lots of camisoles, a rack or two of bodysuits, and boxes upon boxes of boyshorts.
- checkout is pretty speedy. if you get any thongs from the wall, they bring them to you in a paper bag that the cashier opens, you can't. 
- they take all forms of payment (including discover card!), but pay in cash for the quickest checkout.
- there's a table of little gift boxes you can buy to place undies in as presents

If you have friends or family members who LOVE Hanky Panky and are always waiting for it to go on sale, definitely go to this sale and stock up for them as a holiday gift. They'll thank you.

(Thanks to Larissa at Hanky Panky for the VIP sale info!)

Hanky Panky Sample Sale: Lingerie up to 75% off.
260 Fifth Avenue, between West 28th & West 29th Sts
Tuesday 11/16, 8:30am to 8pm
Wednesday 11/17, 8:30am to 8pm
Thursday 11/18, 8:30am to 7pm
Friday 11/19, 9am to 1:30pm

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hanky Panky VIP Sample Sale Tonight!

Happy monday, lovers! I posted some details last week about the Hanky Panky sample sale that starts tomorrow at 8:30am bright 'n early. Over the weekend, I found out that the VIP sale is today and it'll run from 4pm - 7pm. Head over if you can make it, and see what they'll have this week before anyone else does!

Thanks to Larissa over at Hanky Panky for the details!

Hanky Panky Sample Sale: Lingerie up to 75% off.
260 Fifth Avenue, between West 28th & West 29th Sts
Tuesday 11/16, 8:30am to 8pm
Wednesday 11/17, 8:30am to 8pm
Thursday 11/18, 8:30am to 7pm
Friday 11/19, 9am to 1:30pm

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sample Sales: Araks, Hanky Panky & La Perla [NYC]

It's that glorious time of year again: sample sale time! Araks, Hanky Panky and La Perla will both be having sample sales, so get your game face ready.

I haven't been to an Araks or Hanky Panky sale before, but I did check out the La Perla summer sample sale last year. There weren't any A-cup bras (32/34B was the smallest), and it took a good amount of digging to find anything cute in my size. There were plenty of bottoms though, and in retrospect I wish I had invested in more bottoms at that sale. I did get there about an hour before it was scheduled to open and was still 25th in line, and my friends and I waited about an additional 45 minutes to an hour before we were allowed in. Luckily this one also starts on a Sunday, so for all you working ladies, get up early, check it out with your girlfriends (or your boyfriend!) then head over to brunch with some mimosas to celebrate your coup d'thongs!

Araks Sample Sale: Ready to wear, lingerie and swimwear are 60-80% off. says: lingerie up to 80% off, organic cotton lingerie (bras, panties, tanks, camis, teddies) up to 60% off.
137 Grand Street, between Crosby St & Lafayette St, 5th floor.
Thursday 11/11, 8:30am to 7:30pm
Friday 11/12, 9am to 6:30pm
No phone.

La Perla Sample Sale: Lingerie, sleepwear, swimwear and ready to wear up to 80% off. saysDon't worry if you can't get there early…stock will be replenished throughout the sale.
225 Fifth Avenue, at West 27th St
Sunday 11/14, 12pm to 5pm
Monday 11/15, 9:30am to 6pm
Tuesday 11/16, 9:30am to 6pm
Wednesday 11/17, 9:30am to 6pm
Thursday 11/18, 9:30am to 7pm

Hanky Panky Sample Sale: Lingerie up to 75% off.
260 Fifth Avenue, between West 28th & West 29th Sts
Tuesday 11/16, 8:30am to 8pm
Wednesday 11/17, 8:30am to 8pm
Thursday 11/18, 8:30am to 7pm
Friday 11/19, 9am to 1:30pm