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Friday, April 27, 2012

Bradelis New York: It's Incredi-bra!

Okay, I confess: when I started hearing about Bradelis New York opening a Nolita boutique, I had no brand recognition at all whatsoever. I RSVP-ed to the event, marked it in my calendar and didn't really think about it too much.

A week ago I was having drinks with my friend Jiabei who mentioned that she has an incredibly hard time finding a bra to fit her frame since most stores and brands don't make 30-bands, so the only brand she comfortably wears is Bradelis. My ears perked and I immediately emailed Allison at GeorgePR to ask if my friend could come with me. Jiabei told me a bit more about Bradelis and why she likes it so much, but I was definitely not prepared for what happened last night.

Jiabei and I were chatting and observing when another party attendee ran over and exclaimed, "I HAVE CLEAVAGE!" I asked her what size she normally wears (34B) and I couldn't believe it. She seemed so confident that the fitters could give me cleavage too, so I hurried to the fitting room to wait my turn. Mind you, I'd had a glass of wine by this point, which was probably around 7.30pm, and hadn't eaten since 1, so I knew I was in for a doozy. Jiabei told me to be prepared to be manhandled—which called for a glass of champagne to calm the nerves.

While we were waiting for our turn, NiNi (the manager of the store in Flushing) explained to us that there's a three-part philosophy to their bra fitting: 1. reshape the breasts, 2. lift the breasts, and 3. support the breasts. As your bra starts to stretch out and become looser, she said, and when you've used up all the hooks, just bring it back to the store and they'll do free alterations. (Mind. Blown.)

When I went into the fitting room, NiNi measured me (after she struggled with my Stella McCartney Irene Gardening bustier, haha—the sucker has five hooks and I don't think she realized that), then brought me back a simple black bra that had a bit of lace trim and a bit of removable padding in the cups (retails for around $68). After I had it hooked on, she came back in and started scooping. Yes, SCOOPING. She finessed the fat and tissue from my sides into the cups, then scooped and lifted everything. The end result? CLEAVAGE. Foreal. NiNi started laughing at my utter disbelief and said, "You can put a flower in there!"

Then NiNi brought back a lacier bra that didn't have any extra padding in the cups. I didn't think this one would have the same results, but I have to say that it looked even better. It might have been because the bra was a bit sexier and the lace trim along the cups was a beautiful enhancer? I don't know. But I'm kicking myself for not buying it on the spot.

You're probably thinking that there's no way this could possibly feel comfortable. A few of my co-workers were wincing as I was telling them the scooping story this morning. But honestly, it was probably one of the most comfortable bras I've ever worn. It didn't dig into my back at all (probably because all the fat was in my bra), and when I raised my arms and moved around, the bra didn't shift! My boobs felt supported and lifted, and that's ultimately the most important.

I asked NiNi if she was going to come over every morning and scoop me into my bra for me, and she said, "No no no, you will learn quickly!" Yes, I'm sure I will.

Bradelis: their bras scoop, lift and remember, whether you're an A-cup or a D-cup. This is a game changer.

Bradelis New York, 211 Elizabeth Street (Between Prince & Spring)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Lingerie That Smells Like Roses

Or at least, make your lingerie smell like roses. My dear friend Allison gifted me this luxurious bottle of The Laundress x Le Labo Rose 31 delicates wash for Christmas, and I finally used it the other day because I finished my bottle of Ovacion. Let me just say: Best. Lingerie. Wash. Day. Ever.
I have to admit that I'm not completely crazy about rose-scented anything, but the only rose scent I really adore is the one Allison wears from Le Labo. It's not overpowering or old-lady smelling; it's fresh and feminine and really effin' classy (heh, had to get that third 'eff' sound in there). You don't need to use a lot. It left my bathroom perfumed with the rose scent (and your hands! I kept smelling my hands), as well as my room, where I had all my bras hanging on a drying rack. Every time I opened the door to walk in, I was softly pow-ed with roses in my nostrils and I couldn't help but take an extra inhale.

Try it for yourselfit's a bit pricey, but put it on your wishlist to indulge in one day. My bras now not only look gorgeous, they smell beautiful too.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

You Got Mail—Panty Mail!

George PR's beautiful Allison sent me an amazing package the other week. I was hoping for a naked candygram, but this was even better. Two pairs of gorgeous adjustable lace undies from CLO intimo, in beautiful colors that are perfect for the fall.

What I love about these is that they come in standard S, M & L sizes, but because you can adjust the side straps, you can keep them from digging into your hips like other panties might. The briefs have an elastic trim, but they won't dig into your bum and give you VPL like briefs usually would. That's what makes these undies magical. I wore these with a pair of my tightest skinny jeans—and like magic—no VPL! With briefs! Amazing!

I'm hooked. I want more. I need more. It's time for me to throw out a bunch of my undies anyway, and it's pretty obvious what their replacements will be: magical underwear by CLO.

CLO intimo Fortuna String Bikini, $32. Available online at