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Thursday, October 20, 2011

You Got Mail—Panty Mail!

George PR's beautiful Allison sent me an amazing package the other week. I was hoping for a naked candygram, but this was even better. Two pairs of gorgeous adjustable lace undies from CLO intimo, in beautiful colors that are perfect for the fall.

What I love about these is that they come in standard S, M & L sizes, but because you can adjust the side straps, you can keep them from digging into your hips like other panties might. The briefs have an elastic trim, but they won't dig into your bum and give you VPL like briefs usually would. That's what makes these undies magical. I wore these with a pair of my tightest skinny jeans—and like magic—no VPL! With briefs! Amazing!

I'm hooked. I want more. I need more. It's time for me to throw out a bunch of my undies anyway, and it's pretty obvious what their replacements will be: magical underwear by CLO.

CLO intimo Fortuna String Bikini, $32. Available online at

Monday, November 22, 2010

Favorite Things: Jenna Leigh Lingerie Bras Back in Stock!

If you've at least browsed through some of my older posts, you'll know that I absolutely adore Jenna Leigh Lingerie's collections. Two bras in particular that I've loved since she launched her line are the Malawi Demi Bra and the Elle Balconette Bra (yes, the one Kim Kardashian wore on the cover of Allure!).

They've both been sold out for awhile, but it looks like they're back in stock online! So if you've been bummed out that you couldn't get your hands on these bras, definitely look for your size on their site and let someone know what you want for the holidays!

Elle Balconette bra in ivory, $118. Malawi Demi bra in midnight, $85. Available at Jenna Leigh Lingerie.