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Thursday, August 29, 2013

On Layering For Fall

Image via / Double vision created by me

As we all prepare for the long weekend + NYFW mayhem, can we just stop for a second and talk about this bodysuit? I was quickly scrolling through Net-a-Porter earlier for some fall fashion inspiration and the weird silhouette of this item made me click, mostly out of sheer curiosity. It was strange—alien-like—among the carefully curated page of wool coats, sweaters, boots. What was this bizarre body stocking with nubs?

A body stocking it definitely is, but those nubs are apparently "hand-applied" Swarovski crystals. SHINY THINGS. ALL OVER. I have to admit that the end effect (well, styled as shown on NAP and the Saint Laurent fall runway) is quite rocker chic. I can also totally see people making a complete and total mess of this piece and looking like a train wreck, photos of which I eagerly await to see via the Interwebz because people are cruel.

So let me pose some questions: are there crystals on the bottom of the footsies? Wouldn't it just feel like you're walking on little pebbles in your moto boots that you can't shake out? And the most important question of all: wearing this clearly (har har) is going to make you feel like a rock star, but how the EFF do you go to the bathroom after you've swigged an entire bottle of champagne?

Image via

Saint Laurent Swarovski crystal-embellished stretch-mesh jumpsuit, $3,990. Available at

Thursday, August 22, 2013

What The Punk?

It took me three months but I went to go to see the PUNK: Chaos to Couture the week before it closed. I managed to take a few photos on the sly of some interesting details, but overall the exhibit was disappointing. I wish there had been a bit more historical context instead of just a replica of the CGBG bathroom (which wasn't accurate at all anyway) and the entire contents of Vivienne Westwood's archives. I enjoyed the video loop displays and the general presentation, but I found myself wanting a deeper education on the social and political drivers of the Punk movement that in turn inspired (or supposedly inspired - I found some of it questionable) the couture on display. 

Also, the $115 Rodarte 'RADARTE' tee in the gift shop? A $650 Givenchy tee? That's not punk. But maybe if I had just taken it, it would be.

Gianni Versace A/W 1992-93. Top of black nylon mesh with black silk satin and leather straps and gold metal buckles embellished with amber crystals.