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Monday, November 24, 2014

A Very Merry Aerie Holiday

A few of you may remember that Aerie sent me their Holiday collection two years ago for a special post (and if you've been reading PLU that long and we don't personally know each other, then bless your heart and a million thanks for sticking with me!). They threw their holiday blogger party at their SoHo location last week, and I went to check out the funtivities with Jill (sidebar: Jill's a new PLU writer you'll be meeting soon!).

As expected: super cute, so festive and the prices were right. Nearly everything (panties excluded) was buy one, get one 50% off, making all the loungewear and pajamas perfect candidates for gifting. There was a hot chocolate bar, complete with marshmallows and peppermint to make 'em pretty, plus crafty blogger I Spy DIY to help everyone bedazzle their beanies. And of course, Aerie stylist and fitter Jenny Altman was there to help the ladies who had never been fitted before.

So let's take a second to talk about this awesome tote that'll be part of their Black Friday promotions: it. is. huge. Like, great for a weekend away or a beach trip huge. Perfect to haul home all my Christmas gifts for my family huge. So if you're brave enough to go shopping on Black Friday, be sure to stop by Aerie to get yours. The fabulous goodies that the event team included for us are so adorable—look for another blog post soon about those (yes, they warrant another post).

A few Aerie Vintage Lace Cheekies - 7 for $27. So many cute colours!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Guest Blogger: Lingerie + Art = Love

Last weekend, my coworker and friend Marli Marinelli asked if I wanted to come with her to a lingerie art exhibit. A lingerie art exhibit! How could I turn that down? Oh right, I had a wedding doubleheader that weekend and had to start my travel that Thursday of the exhibit. Luckily, Marli was thrilled to write a post for PLU. Enjoy!

Let’s just get my lingerie confession out of the way now: on a typical day, I reach for Gap Body. Plain cotton, no adornment, no wedgies, no frills. But for the bright and shiny moments of life, I crave lingerie. The kind that looks like art. And in its most elevated form, lingerie should make your body look like art.

And on the topic of lingerie and art, I went to an exhibition last week that captured how just a few wisps of artfully arranged silk, lace, and gossamer can transform the body. My friend and talented photographer Amber Rima collaborated with stylist Britta Uschkamp and actor/playwright Lauren LoGiudice to create an intimate portrait series inspired by Greta Garbo. The photographs explore the “dark and the light of stardom through the lens of Garbo’s story. In this ambiance of glamour, solitude and privacy, they explore how the icon felt in her most intimate settings.”

I loved how the photography looked at once old world and strikingly modern. Austere yet ornate. Rippling with sensuality and ripe with the unspoken. They looked like frames from a story. And what I loved was not just the presentation of lingerie but the presentation otf the portraits, hanging from clothes rails at Prohibit NYC, the wires teasingly decorated with black satin ribbons. It’s the smallest touches that carry the most weight—and isn’t that the very spirit of lingerie?

Greta Dreams at Prohibit NYC, 152 Allen Street, NYC

First and second photos courtesy of Lena Scherer©2012.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


So, last month's FNO event at Journelle with Stella McCartney was supposed to be my high point in my fairly short blogging career, but due to my duties as a bridesmaid that weekend I was unable to attend. I realize how overdue this post is and how silly it seems to post a write-up of an even that took place a month ago. However, my dear fellow lingerista Allison Beale generously wrote an amazing review of the event and some key points of the new Stella collection, AND she took some incredible photos. So here y'all are. Enjoy!

I have to be honest, there are few words that get me up and out the door (quickly, mind you) like “Stella McCartney event at Journelle”. That little sentence made braving the high-heeled hordes that typically takeover Soho on Fashion’s Night Out more than worth it.

Well, that sentence and the fact my lingerie partner-in-crime, Esther, asked me to cover the event. I mean, how could I say no?

I’m not sure there’s anyone out there who is a bigger fan of Stella McCartney lingerie. (If there is, please keep it to yourself. I want to win this one.) Aside from being the daughter of rock royalty, the woman is a genius. Her eponymous line is known for ultra-flattering long-line bustiers, come-hither demi bras, high waisted panties, low-slung bikinis and lace, lace, lace! With each piece more exquisite than the next you can’t help but feel it was made with love, and created just. for. you. (Perhaps you remember mine + Esther’s borderline unhealthy obsession with the Irene Gardening bustier summer 2011?)  For FNO, Journelle was debuting McCartney’s new, eco-minded, sliiiiiightly more budget conscious but ever-so-stylish line “Stella” to a small—read VIP—crowd.

The event had all of the makings of a great night. First off, there was an ever-so-slight chill in the air, so naturally I needed my leather jacket. Then, when I walked in to the shop the DJ was spinning Temper Trap's ‘Sweet Disposition’—an epic entrance/exit song). With the stage set, of course the first person I saw upon entering was my favorite shopgirl Carrie. Finally, there was the lingerie…

Stella” may trend as a more basic line but the seductive shapes (balconnet, plunge, molded underwire, strapless + supernatural) and styles of python, lace and interesting tonal textures are anything but. Though the collection is meant for everyday wear (it’s promoted as one of the lightest + most invisible collections on the market), Stella—in its styling—is every bit as luxe, romantic and fashion forward as its sister brand. I should know as between cocktails and lingerie gos' I managed to inspect each piece from the new collection.

Here are a few informative gems about Stella: 
  1. There’s an eco-friendly element to the collection, which is made of French Calais lace + silk with organic cotton gussets and recycled metal hardware. So now you can go green even with your lingerie. 
  2. Stella’s secondary focus is on comfort (let’s assume primary is on style). The bra cups come in 8MM foam making them 25% lighter than your average bra. Hello lightweight lingerie! And all the pieces are incredibly soft. I’m not usually a big fan of comfort in fashion, but I think Ms. McCartney is about to change my mind.
My hands-down favorite is the Stella Plunge bra in nude + black lace that promises to be as comfortable as it is sexy. (Try as I might I cannot get enough lace in my lingerie drawer.) 

And while we’re at it, I’ve never been one to turn down Stella’s signature Leopard print so why start now?

For layering, and yes, I guess for sleeping, the Stella chemise in Python print will be my new go-to item.

It should be mentioned here that the gals at Journelle really know how to throw an event complete with a killer soundtrack (‘Private Eyes’ mixing in with a little Outkast and MJ for good measure) and delicious cocktails. For the truly ambitious there was an Instagram contest with the winner taking home a sick goodie bag of—what else—Stella. Now, I am usually a pretty voracious ‘grammer BUT it just so happens that Journelle is the only place in the city where Verizon goes on strike. At least on my iPhone. Thanksverymuchforthatbytheway. So no [free] Stella for me.

However, I will be back for this little number. It’s the Stella McCartney Cherie Sneezing (yes, sneezing) in fuchsia, available in October. Maybe I’ll Instagram that. (Kidding.)

 Puzzle pins from Stella McCartney's Winter 2012 Campaign

x ab

All photos courtesy of Allison Beale.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Market Week: Chantelle F/W 2012 Collection Preview

Alors, mes chéries, finally I share of the lovely events I had the pleasure to stop by during market week a few weeks ago: the Chantelle F/W 2012 collection preview. A bunch of editors, bloggers and social media mavens got to visit the Chantelle showroom for a bra fitting while we nibbled on macarons and sipped on champagne. 

The F/W 2012 collection comes in four color stories, each inspired by different gemstones: 
  • Ruby  obviously inspired by rubies and comes in different shades: deep red, raspberry or burnt orange
  • Amber — described as "casual chic", these are your basics with signature sophisticated touches to white, nude and black
  • Black Pearl — inspired by Japanese black pearls, which have an iridescence of greens and purples
  • White Gold — this is where I could probably insert many different 50 Shades of Grey puns, but I'll refrain. Greys with touches of blues are here, including the Python Gray print for an animal print to bring out yo' wild side that isn't leopard. Yay.
So I know that all sounds so fabulous and classy and chic, just like Chantelle does ('cos they do what they do best) but I'm sure you'll accept my apology when I say that I was so busy trying to absorb what was going on that I forgot to take more photos. But these show some of my favorite sets, so really that's what's really important. Haha, just kidding.

My favorite set of all the tables: the Icone demi & shorty in Python Grey (the lovely Instagram filter I chose made it more blue). Part of the White Gold color story.