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Friday, July 13, 2012

Pretty Little Everythings: Summer Weekend Wear

Another edition of "If I had an unlimited budget for my wardrobe", summer weekend edition. And the Stella McCartney long-line bra that has saved so many of my work-wardrobe lingerie dilemmas. Happy Friday, loves! xo

Summer Weekend Wear

Friday, December 9, 2011

Guest Blogger Wishlist: Mimi Nguyen of

My friend Mimi Nguyen is one of the most stylish people I know, with an intense energy and passion for life. She's a founding member of the non-profit organization Pencils of Promise, and recently launched a startup with her partners called—a super-easy way to share and view street style (currently by invitation only). Read on to see what she wants this year, and the team is extending an exclusive invite to thread to Pretty Little Underthings' readers if you leave a comment here!

1. Kiki de Montparnasse Intime Jersey Wrap Teddy

It's the girl-next-door type of sexy. I'm so busy most of the days that I appreciate my down time. This looks like the perfect at home lounge piece. I can feel comfortable to be a sexy couch potato while I run down my DVR list of trashy reality tv.

2. Missoni Home Gomitolo Set of Three Wax Candles

These are super fun and would go well in my apartment that's a mix of POP colors. I think these are simple accents to add in my home that are also functional. 

3. Dannijo Bibi Necklace
image via

I love all of Dannijo's artwork. I find all of their pieces inspiring, empowering, and sensuous. It's like wearing a mirror into my soul.

4. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Books are one of my favorite gifts to give and receive. Steve Jobs was a fascinating and inspirational man that's lasting impact will be felt for generations to come. I want nothing more than to cozy up at home and read his biography to learn more about this man we heard of but knew little about. I'm hoping I can take away something for my journey as a young entrepreneur. 

5. Braced-lets Pencils of Promise Exclusive Tri-Pack

These are the coolest bracelets out now. A few of my friends noticed them (in other colors) on me and asked where I got them. Well, now I've got another reason to get more! The non-profit organization Pencils of Promise (I'm a founding member) just launched the collaboration with Braced-lets. The profits from this partnership will go to building and sustaining a new school in Nicaragua! 

Shop Mimi's wishlist!
2. Missoni Home Gomitolo Set of Three Wax Candles, $575. Available at
3. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, $17.87. Available at
4. Dannijo Bibi Necklace, $495. Available at
5. Braced-lets Pencils of Promise Exclusive Tri-Pack, $12. Available at

Thursday, August 25, 2011

An Outfit: The New (& More Fun) Bustier.

Bustiers need a lil' love. I think we've all become so accustomed to thinking of these as soon as we hear or read "bustier". But we should start thinking of ones like this Kiki de Montparnasse one, that we can lovingly wear as tops and make really, really fun outfits from! I'd love to wear this outfit this weekend—if only I had that bustier, Hurricane Irene be damned.

See the items on Polyvore.

Kiki de Montparnasse floral lace bustier, $260. Available at