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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

An Aerie Holiday, Part I: Lace to Make Your Heart Race

I love it when a brand can change my mind. I'll admit (and I'm pretty sure that other people would say the same thing) that when I think of Aerie, the first thing that comes to mind are comfy cotton basics. But I guess their social team was intent on changing my mind, especially when right before I left for Thanksgiving, a giant box stuffed with their limited-edition holiday collection arrived at my apartment! Trust me when I say that these pieces were too pretty to not post.

Take the array of lacy undies below for example. These super-colorful thongs, tangas and briefs just look like your standard lace undies, but really, they're probably some of the most comfortable lace underwear I've ever worn, even rivaling a certain other brand known for their lace underwear... The difference here is that Aerie sizes their undies, instead of "one size fits all, oh and here's a petites size if you're a 0-4", and the lace has a really nice stretch and you're not at-risk for muffin top. They come in SO many gorgeous colors, and they're amazingly priced! So if you need a stocking stuffer idea, here you go. You're welcome.

I'll be sharing a series of a few different posts dedicated to these pretty little underthings over the next couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy them as much as much as I loved shooting (and wearing) them!

Aerie vintage lace thong, $12.50 or 7 for $26.50(!!!)
Aerie vintage lace tanga, $12.50 or 7 for $26.50(!!!)
Aerie vintage lace bikini, $12.50 or 7 for $26.50(!!!)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Back to Basics, Part II

So, I'm officially terrible at keeping my New Year's Resolutions—which I'm bringing up in November because 1. I'm already starting to think about what my resolutions should be for next year; 2. It's November; and 3. I wanted to write this post about these awesome bras and saw that my last "Back to Basics" post was in January. #oops

So anyway, now that you know another one of my many faults, let's get back to the bras. These are from Base Range, made of 100% bamboo cotton and while they look silky, they're just silky soft. I love how they look super-functional yet low-key, and I see them as the perfect bra to wear under those bulky sweaters we all want to pile on in this chilly weather. Allow me to demonstrate:
Perfect Fall Weekend Outfits
Base Lady Triangle Bra, $55. Available online at

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year Resolution: Back to Basics, Part I

image via

Happy new year, dear reader! So, confession: didn't really make resolutions this year. Didn't even try. Nope. I feel like I should though. Like, blog more often, win back my Foursquare mayorship of Journelle Union Square... I mean, I resolved to start using blotting papers on a daily basis. That's okay, right? I got these Bosica Peppermint Blotting Linens at Sephora and they were a great perk-me-up at 4pm.

But I digress. Not really a resolution, but I think I'm going to make a concerted effort to get back into briefs this year. They're comfy, even great for lounging around (if you're lucky enough to not have roommates), and they can come in really cute designs like this Huit pair from their Cupcake collection. I think briefs are often dismissed too quickly, and the possibility of feeling super-sexy while wearing them? 100%. Trust me.

Huit Cupcake Shorty, $36. Available at Lille Boutique.