Monday, August 12, 2013

Intimate Interview: VELVETTE UNDERWEAR

Swimwear by Velvette

The debut of her second lingerie collection Stateside, this Parisienne’s collection is carried in Galeries Lafayette and other retailers in Paris. But New Yorkers are sure to love the keenly French details in her pieces, especially the concept of effortless chic. Everything is made in France, to boot.

"In France, I’m a freelance designer for women’s and kidswear, so I work for many brands like Cacharel, Baby Dior, and a lot of brands like this. But I’ve really liked lingerie [for a long time] and I have a lot of vintage pieces and I wanted to make my own brand, so I just began to make what I want to wear and things I don’t find in any shops or so I began like that, because I didn’t find any lingerie for me. And I wanted to make it."

PLU: Are you willing to share any of your favorite places to find vintage lingerie?

"I can, not all. [Laughs] I have one in Barcelona, which is amazing, and it’s really a vintage shop, really amazing. In Paris we have Mamie, with vintage shops and Anouschka. But I also find vintage pieces on the internet, like on eBay or Etsy.

My style is retro, feminine, and raffiné—refined. And I like details, so the lace—I choose all the lace— and the details like the lasercut, and really fragile details."

Velvette was interviewed by Esther Kim at the Lingerie Collective Trade Event in NYC, August 5, 2013.

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