Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Back to Black... for Summer!

Hello my lovelies! Did you miss me? I sure missed you. A lot has been going on in my universe the past few months, but hopefully this will be the end of my infrequent posting and we'll return to our semi-regular programming. Alors!

It's been a frigid spring in NYC, sadly. Even as we transition into May it's been long pants and jacket weather. I'm too afraid to venture out in bare legs! But I wonder if this delayed warmth validates my recent accessories splurges for spring/summer: a black bag, a black enamel cuff bracelet (instead of the white I had dreamt of!), black sandals... Or am I finally growing up and realizing that black is and will always be the classic go-to colour? 

Who the hell knows. Either way, the last time I chose to buy black lingerie was probably two or three years ago, so I even surprised myself when I was drawn to this La Perla bra at Journelle. I dropped off a few bras at their bra drive the other month (and picked up a few new ones of course), and this black bra stood out to me in a wall full of other fun-coloured and printed bras. What was happening to me?

Ultimately I think it was the little triangle detail on the straps that did it for me, but then when I tried it on—va-va-voom. I never thought I'd consider a push-up bra again after those torturous flotation devices I experienced from VS, but this one did it nicely. And elegantly. And didn't make me feel like a blow-up. It's become one of my go-to everyday bras... so I can only hope that they don't discontinue this style and keep it going in the future.

Damnit, I knew I should've bought some matching bottoms too.

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