Friday, August 24, 2012

Market Week: Chantelle F/W 2012 Collection Preview

Alors, mes chéries, finally I share of the lovely events I had the pleasure to stop by during market week a few weeks ago: the Chantelle F/W 2012 collection preview. A bunch of editors, bloggers and social media mavens got to visit the Chantelle showroom for a bra fitting while we nibbled on macarons and sipped on champagne. 

The F/W 2012 collection comes in four color stories, each inspired by different gemstones: 
  • Ruby  obviously inspired by rubies and comes in different shades: deep red, raspberry or burnt orange
  • Amber — described as "casual chic", these are your basics with signature sophisticated touches to white, nude and black
  • Black Pearl — inspired by Japanese black pearls, which have an iridescence of greens and purples
  • White Gold — this is where I could probably insert many different 50 Shades of Grey puns, but I'll refrain. Greys with touches of blues are here, including the Python Gray print for an animal print to bring out yo' wild side that isn't leopard. Yay.
So I know that all sounds so fabulous and classy and chic, just like Chantelle does ('cos they do what they do best) but I'm sure you'll accept my apology when I say that I was so busy trying to absorb what was going on that I forgot to take more photos. But these show some of my favorite sets, so really that's what's really important. Haha, just kidding.

My favorite set of all the tables: the Icone demi & shorty in Python Grey (the lovely Instagram filter I chose made it more blue). Part of the White Gold color story.

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