Monday, July 23, 2012

Everythings: CHANEL's The Little Black Jacket

I was away in Paris for two weeks in June, during which CHANEL's The Little Black Jacket exhibit came to NYC. Tragic irony. Luckily for me, my bestie Erica Paik went with our friend Jess Tice and took in the show. Erica texted me one photo from the exhibit she thought I would like and I immediately asked her to write a guest post on the exhibit, highlighting the portraits that featured lingerie and lingerie-inspired outfits. I wish I could've seen the exhibit—I flipped through the book and the photographs made me ooh and aah, so I can only imagine how I would've reacted at the actual exhibit (i.e. quietly losing my shit inside my head). Thank you Erica for this lovely write-up!

While Esther was away in Paris for business, my friend Jess and I managed to experience a little bit of Paris in NYC.  The Little Black Jacket has been making its way across the globe, and we were lucky to catch it on its last day in the city. I sent a few photos to Esther that I thought would peak her interest.

The space was dark except for the illuminated photographs/posters. 

I had a sneaking suspicion that Esther would love this image of Georgia May Jagger. The tough girl attitude, black kohl rimmed eyes, inner wear as her almost only outerwear, and those statement accessories—how cool is she? [Ed. note: UM, SO COOL. This is hands down one of my favorite portraits in the exhibit... well, at least in the book since I missed the exhibit.]

Poppy Delevigne manages too look like one of the Three Graces in her undergarments, robe, ballet flats and Chanel jacket. Why not?

Oh, Kirsten Dunst! From her leopard print bustier with high waisted skirt to the jacket casually draped on her shoulder, I thought this image was just perfect. I can see someone wearing an outfit like this on a late summer evening especially as we are currently going through a heat wave. 

I just love this portrait of Charlotte Gainsbourg and her pregnant belly smiling towards the portrait of her mother, Jane Birkin. It looks as the two of them of sharing a special moment in the middle of the entire exhibition. [Ed. note: Okay, fine. I know there's no lingerie here, but c'mon! It's such a cute curatorial choice!]

I’m so glad that Esther is back and hope you enjoyed this PLU Everythings moment courtesy of The Little Black Jacket and random Thursday art nights.


P.S. Call your mama and share a laugh today.

All photos © 2012 Erica Paik


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