Monday, April 2, 2012

A Dose of Summertime Pretty

I stopped by Journelle last Friday after work to drop off some of my old bras for their Spring Cleaning Bra Drive that supports Free the Girls (pun intended) and to refresh my lingerie drawer with some new pretties. I may or may not have shed a tear when I realized that some of the Mimi Holliday bras I had been eyeing weren't available in my size at the Union Square store—and almost every other bra I tried on wasn't my exact size because mine was either sold out or wasn't carried.

I was bummed, handed over "my failed attempts at happiness" to the sales associate, and then saw this Chantelle Icone set in Tropical Blue and figured it'd be worth a shot—even though the black Icone was too big on me. I tried on the same size I had tried in black—and hollerlujah, it fit perfectly. So, naturally with a bra this pretty, I had to get the bottoms too. The color makes me think of summertime in this chilly NYC spring we've been having, and just looking at it makes me smile.

Moral of this story? Try on every damn bra because manufacturers are sizing differently even among their own collections. And who knows? You could be pleasantly surprised.

Chantelle Icone Demi Bra, $88. Icone Shorty, $88. Available at

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