Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Bra-Short Suit. Yes, Suit.

I haven't posted an editorial recently and so when I was flipping through this Vogue US editorial in the new May 2012 issue, I had to fight the urge to post it immediately. Like, I started looking for iPad apps so I could post it immediately and then had to control myself because let's face it: I was sitting in my doctor's waiting room and was going to be interrupted anyway.

But y'all know how much I love beautiful long-line bras and shorts (well, this is more apparently on Polyvore and Tumblr... and my own personal wardrobe during the summer months), so this amazeballs editorial was slightly mind-blowing for me. They're like bra-short SUITS! SUITS! And while they may not be exaaaactly work-appropriate, a girl can dream. These three were my absolute faves. Enjoy!

All images via Vogue for iPad, May 2012 issue.

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  1. Love the first set, those shorts are STUNNING and the floral print is totally New York's version of floral - understated, sophisticated and gray/white tones :)