Monday, March 19, 2012

Lingerie That Smells Like Roses

Or at least, make your lingerie smell like roses. My dear friend Allison gifted me this luxurious bottle of The Laundress x Le Labo Rose 31 delicates wash for Christmas, and I finally used it the other day because I finished my bottle of Ovacion. Let me just say: Best. Lingerie. Wash. Day. Ever.
I have to admit that I'm not completely crazy about rose-scented anything, but the only rose scent I really adore is the one Allison wears from Le Labo. It's not overpowering or old-lady smelling; it's fresh and feminine and really effin' classy (heh, had to get that third 'eff' sound in there). You don't need to use a lot. It left my bathroom perfumed with the rose scent (and your hands! I kept smelling my hands), as well as my room, where I had all my bras hanging on a drying rack. Every time I opened the door to walk in, I was softly pow-ed with roses in my nostrils and I couldn't help but take an extra inhale.

Try it for yourselfit's a bit pricey, but put it on your wishlist to indulge in one day. My bras now not only look gorgeous, they smell beautiful too.

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  1. I love Le Labo! I stumbled upon it during my first visit to New York and ordered a fantastic scent for my husband. Love that they do custom labels too. Will have to check this out!