Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For the Snow Bunny

Ah, the snow bunny. The more daring ones will actually ski or snowboard (or at least attempt to) and want gear and undies to make them as comfortable as possible when they inevitably tumble down the mountain, while the less risk-averse will will want to be as comfortable as possible (and look adorable) while they lounge in the ski house or the lodge bar. Either way, these picks are sure to please. 

A sports bra that isn't too stiff but will still hold your ta-ta's and a moisture-wicking thong that's also super-comfortable (I know, it sounds weird but these are also TERRIFIC for yoga - multipurpose!) are ideal underwear choices for the active love of your life. And you'll also want to give her a super-soft and comfortable loungewear set (and yes, I'm including this BTS Lingerie set again because I LOVE IT) and a super-chic hat to top it all off. Trust me, you'll get extra points for going to Barneys.

Shop this gift guide:
1. Nux Focus Bra, $38. Available online at
2. Lululemon Premium Technithong, $16. Available online at
3. K2 Fling Snowboard, $399.95. Available online at
4. BTS Lingerie Well-Played Cardigan, $125. BTS Lingerie Well-Played Yoga Pant, $105. Available online at
5. Mischa Lampert Fro Tri Two-Tone Pom Hat, $109 (reg. $175). Available online at

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