Friday, February 24, 2012

CURVE NY Recap: Rad Colors & Perfect Fit at Claudette

Rad Colors and Perfect Fit at Claudette

I stopped by Claudette's booth yesterday at Curve NY and talked to Bok Goodall, Claudette's designer, to learn more about the line and why Claudette stands out. With bright hues like these, how could they not?
"So Claudette is a fashion line that goes from an A cup to a G cup we are working on up to a K cup at the moment, and the idea behind it was to make something that was really fun, fashionable but fit and gave support all the way up to a G cup but didn’t look like a traditional large cup product, so color is very, very important to us and you can see the neons, and we always contrast everything, so you never get a purely nude bra, it would always have a contrast trim. Fit is the most important thing to us—we always start at a G and then we work down if it’s going to work at a G, then we know it’s going to work at a B. so we go that way instead of trying to go the other way.

And the company is based in Los Angeles. Robin Levitt, who is the president of the company, I was introduced to her a couple years ago through a friend and I worked in the UK in lingerie the last 10 years and I sort of specialized in large cup. And we just got talking and decided ‘let’s do it’. There is definitely a niche in the market in the States for large cup product that’s fashion. We just launched in the UK where we thought it would be much more difficult since the market is so saturated—everyone loved it. And so we’ve had a great season so far.

I think the neon pieces are amazing I just think the colors are fabulous, but this is a new style, that we’re just doing for fall, which is fantastic. So it’s satin with mesh. Everything is very supportive, even these which look like there’s nothing to support you, but they do really work—we work more on fit more than anything, really."

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  1. Love Claudette is one of my new fave brands. I don't often introduce new brands into my rotation, but they got a spot immediately.