Monday, February 27, 2012

CURVE NY Recap: ARI DEIN's Got an Art Deco-Inspired Fall/Winter

Going East with ARI DEIN's Shanghai Waldorf Collection

A favorite of PLU (meaning it's one of my favorites), ARI DEIN's Fall/Winter 2012 collection is imaginative but still so true to the core of what makes ARI DEIN a standout line. Art Deco-inspired and already a wardrobe classic that doesn't rely on trends to make it desirable. I love the shimmers paired with matte silk, and the handmade knot details that add a special touch to the Shanghai Waldorf pieces. Here's a closer look at some of the pieces we saw from NYFW and Creatrice Arielle Shapiro's take on her F/W '12 efforts.

"So I was very inspired this season by the city of Shanghai, which has the largest concentration of Art Deco architecture in the world. So when I was designing this season, I wanted to think very much about the colors and the color meaning in Chinese culture. And also hand details like good luck knots and signature borders in jacquard this time instead of a plain charmeuse, so I tried to play with texture and incorporated prints for the first time in the Boutique Hotel sort of style but we updated it this season to call it the Shanghai Waldorf Collection. So it has that authentic ARI DEIN art deco and retro vibe we always go for.

One of the pieces that really helped launch ARI DEIN and brand the collection was the Boutique Hotel Collection—specifically the chemise—and every season I listen to our customer feedback and make little updates so over the past I guess now 5 seasons we’ve added darts for breast contour, sometimes we do elastic in the back of the ribcage so that we can expand the chest circumference for fit, adjustable straps, we added a second button on the side opening so that we could limit the gaping of the … I guess just the opening of the side. I’m trying to use all these fancy words! [laughs]

But what I really like this season is that we’ve done it in a chiffon with prints so it’s a little bit sexier. The trim is a jacquard so it has that beautiful floral texture. The strap is a double strap—it has a little skinny adjustable area in the back but then the front part is jacquard to match the rest of the piece, and we have a beautiful little cutout in the bust area. So it’s a much sexier kind of take on this really classic, sophisticated cut that we do."

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  1. This was the first time I'd see Ari Dein's collection in person, and I loved every piece. I'm not a fashion girl, so I don't always "get" high-end lingerie, but this I adore.