Friday, September 23, 2011

Hello, Sweet Weekend

Good morning, lingerie lovers! I just took an incredibly hard studio cycling class at the gym and of course, I thought the perfect way to shift gears (hehe) in my morning would be to browse what's new on And I'm so glad I did. I'm totally dying for this gorgeous ivory Eberjey set with bone lace trim. 

I suppose it could be bridal, but I think it's more Snow Queen than trousseau. Perfect for fall, even more perfect for winter. Picture it: this Eberjey set under a gorgeous robe, snuggling in front of a fireplace. ...Or just under an amazeballs sweater dress and keep it your secret from the rest of the world.

Eberjey Starlight Bralet & Briefs
image via journelle

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What's Ivory and Navy and Lacy All Over?

Okay, maybe not lacy all over, but definitely beautiful all over! I totally fell for these gorgeous sets from Between the Sheets Lingerie's Arabesque collection when I went to visit Layla & Josh during market week.

Between the Sheets Arabesque Microfiber Print Bralette & Bikini
I loved how this set has such a fun, classic print that reminds me of something you'd see on pajamas—but it's also trimmed with velvet, which just totally ups the classiness factor.

Microfiber Print Bralette, $95. Bikini, $85.

Between the Sheets Arabesque Cotton Silk/Lace Bralette & Ouvert Tap Pant
Alright, lingeristas, if you speak French, you know that "ouvert" means "open"...and if you don't speak French, now you know. These tap pants are elegant in the front and a party in the back—but still classy. It's a classy party. I love all the lacy triangular panel details 'cos it bumps the silk silhouette up a notch.

Bralette, $175. Tap pant, $175. Available at

Between the Sheets Arabesque Cotton Silk/Lace Bralette & Ouvert Tap Pant

Yeah, yeah, this is the same set as the above except in navy and not only is this shade of blue so, so beautiful, you can see some of the cut out details better in the tap pant. Recognize.

All photos courtesy of Between The Sheets Lingerie.

Bralette, $175. Tap pant, $175. Available at

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Clare Bare S/S 2012: Bright Lights, Space-Dye

I got to meet Clare Bare last month at the Lingerie Designer Showcase, which was pretty exciting. I had heard about her and seen a few of her pieces online, but experiencing her collection in person was a real pleasure. I loved hearing about her process and how her lingerie line came about (she had a growing collection of vintage fabrics that she need to use them for something). 

Her eco-friendly creations are pretty awesome and super-soft to the touch. She incorporates some really striking details, like criss-cross strappy details in the back of a bodysuit, and tie-dyed mesh paneling to bare it all. These three were some of my favorites—but you really should check out the rest of her collection.

I really loved this bodysuit—the way the back dips, how the straps in the back cross down and around so it doesn't gap, and the tie-dyed mesh is super sexy but still really fun.

Hustle Rose Wireless Bustier & Phoenix Lights Garter Short, Night Bloomer Collection 
Okay, y'all know I love anything high-waisted and this garter short is no exception. The bustier bra has a really cool strap detail in the back and as the name says—no wires! Yay! I mean, I know some of you need that but smaller cups who hate wires, rejoice. This one's for you. Plus, the floral-print cups give this otherwise serious bustier a sweet spin.

Illuminate Me Criss Cross Romper, Night Bloomer Collection 
Guyssssss, I'm telling you: this one is gorgeous! The bright chartreuse contrasted with the black accents and floral print is something really special. I love how it's cut and pieced together. And it's super-soft to the touch. Always a good quality for lingerie. This one also has a scoop bottom (helloooo back dimples!) and a criss-cross strappy detail. Do it.

All photos courtesy of Clare Bare.

Clare Bare on Etsy
Clare Bare on BigCartel

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Celebration Continues: Only Hearts!

Pretty Little Underthings' 1st Birthday Bash, Polyvore Style: Esther's Look
One last Polyvore set for you guys! This is my birthday bash outfit featuring my favorite mesh Only Hearts set. I love how sweet and low-key it looks, yet when it's on, it's amazingly sexy as all heck. Hope y'all have a lovely holiday weekend and have a drink for Pretty Little Underthings! xoxo

Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Pretty Little Underthings!

The Celebration Continues: La Fée Verte

Pretty Little Underthings' 1st Birthday Bash, Polyvore Style: Allison's Look
I love this Parisian chic inspired outfit by Allison! The silky number by La Fée Verte is a girly-perfect unnderpinning for such a badass-yet-feminine outfit. I'm giggling to myself because all of these boards perfectly reflect each of my friends' personal styles. Love it!

French Inspiration c'est chic.

The Celebration Continues: Jenna Leigh Lingerie

J'adore this board featuring the Jenna Leigh Malawi set by soon-to-be-wed friend Thayer. She has gorgeous taste—very classic with a contemporary twist that looks like she should be in magazine. Oh, and her engagement ring is incredible.

Pretty Little Underthings' 1st Birthday Bash, Polyvore Style: Thayer's Look
First Date with My New Husband

The Celebration Continues: Kiki de Montparnasse

This gorgeous set featuring Kiki de Montparnasse is by my bestie Erica! This set really is her style to a T — even the Lipstick Queen and the amazing sculptural rings.

Pretty Little Underthings' 1st Birthday Bash, Polyvore Style: Erica's Look

Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Pretty Little Underthings!


PRETTY LITTLE UNDERTHINGS.COM IS 1 YEAR OLD! Yippee! I'll be honest, I can't believe a whole year has already passed by, nor can I believe I'm still posting to this blog. It feels really special to have created something that so many people appreciate and love, and I'm really thankful to everyone who has supported me from the beginning through now, and hopefully will continue in the future.

So to help me celebrate, I asked a few of my amazing friends who all have very different personal styles to create their own look that incorporates their favorite lingerie of the moment. This first look is by my fantastic friend Janet, featuring the Jenna Leigh Kyoto Set. I laughed out loud when I saw this because really—this is EXACTLY her style. Thanks love! Keep an eye out for more sets to come.

Pretty Little Underthings' 1st Birthday Bash, Polyvore Style: Janet's Look

Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Pretty Little Underthings