Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dear Santa (Part I)

An Open Letter to Santa Claus

Hi Santa! This Stella McCartney Madeline Celebrating set is beautiful, isn't it? It's at the top of my Christmas wishlist. The name is perfect—I want to celebrate the holidays while wearing the Madeline Celebrating set! I love the long line and the gorgeous paneling details, and let's not get started on the mesh sides.
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You can pick it up at Journelle (btdubs, I'm the mayor of the Union Square store, holla) and I'll leave you some delicious milk & cookies. Like, homemade cookies. Not that pre-made Nestle Tollhouse garbage.

Thanks! Love, me.


  1. Sweet. Jesus. I am in love.
    The Mayor of Mercer Street Location

  2. i knew you would be, ab. i knew you would be.
    the mayor of union square location