Thursday, September 15, 2011

What's Ivory and Navy and Lacy All Over?

Okay, maybe not lacy all over, but definitely beautiful all over! I totally fell for these gorgeous sets from Between the Sheets Lingerie's Arabesque collection when I went to visit Layla & Josh during market week.

Between the Sheets Arabesque Microfiber Print Bralette & Bikini
I loved how this set has such a fun, classic print that reminds me of something you'd see on pajamas—but it's also trimmed with velvet, which just totally ups the classiness factor.

Microfiber Print Bralette, $95. Bikini, $85.

Between the Sheets Arabesque Cotton Silk/Lace Bralette & Ouvert Tap Pant
Alright, lingeristas, if you speak French, you know that "ouvert" means "open"...and if you don't speak French, now you know. These tap pants are elegant in the front and a party in the back—but still classy. It's a classy party. I love all the lacy triangular panel details 'cos it bumps the silk silhouette up a notch.

Bralette, $175. Tap pant, $175. Available at

Between the Sheets Arabesque Cotton Silk/Lace Bralette & Ouvert Tap Pant

Yeah, yeah, this is the same set as the above except in navy and not only is this shade of blue so, so beautiful, you can see some of the cut out details better in the tap pant. Recognize.

All photos courtesy of Between The Sheets Lingerie.

Bralette, $175. Tap pant, $175. Available at

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