Thursday, April 7, 2011

Say Hi to Thursday: A Perfectly Striped Eberjey Set

Say Hi to Thursday, a special day of the week when there's only one more work day before a glorious weekend awaits. Pretty Little Underthings will showcase a weekend-perfect piece we'd love to wear.

Eberjey Vintage Stripes Set

So, it's currently 1:30 am at the time of this writing, and I'll be honest—the temptation to just go to bed was so strong. But I decided to browse through one more lingerie boutique's site and... BAM. This Vintage Stripes set from Eberjey was just BEGGING me to be featured today. And I gave in, because it's so adorable.

I think stripes can be tricky. Not because of that ye olde "horizontal stripes make you look fat" nonsense, but because if they're not the correct proportions, they can look tacky and cheap. But Eberjey did stripes so, so right here. The slight ruffle trims make this just so pretty. And the BOW! Do you see the bow?! It's all just so... honest and casual and perfect for the weekend. That camisole would be perfect with white jeans or shorts too!

By the way, does this set make anyone else long for summertime?

Vintage stripes cami, $56. Vintage stripes knicker, $34. Available at Forty Winks.

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