Friday, April 8, 2011

Fashion Friday: Valerie van der Graaf's Pinup-esque Editorial

My taste doesn't normally sway towards pin-up, but this editorial in Glamour Spain caught my eye for it's contemporary take on the style. Valerie van der Graaf's curls are so fun and free, and paired with some red lipstick, she looks fresh but sassy! I loved the fuzzy cropped sweater (helloooo middle school!) with high-waisted bottoms. She's reveling in how beautiful lingerie makes her feel, and damnit—that's how we all should feel.
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  1. these are great! i have to admit i love pin ups, though i agree that this is a fantastic modern approach!

  2. WOW, these are amazing photos! AND lingerie!

  3. Gorgeous images. I love the fluffy pale blue cardigan and the high waisted knickers she wears...

  4. Ahh! I just posted these pictures yesterday on my blog...I swear I didn't already see it on yours (saw on FGR this weekend). I guess great minds...
    But these pictures are pretty amazing!
    xox alison