Monday, February 28, 2011

Super-Sweet Spring Lingerie From Zinke Intimates!

If you follow me on Twitter, you know by now that I'm SO excited for Zinke's spring collection to arrive in stores. Their lovely sales contact, Jen, sent me a lookbook a few months ago and I carried it around in my bag for at least three weeks showing it to everyone who'd let me talk about it. Finally seeing the whole collection in person at CURVE NY was the perfect way to end my Tuesday.

Inspired by Miami art deco, the gorgeous silk pieces come in bright colors that just pop! There's also their first foray into prints, an original designed by Jessie Zinke, and a cotton pointelle set to round out their spring collection. Gorgeous silk robes with a texture that looks like hammered metal, babydoll chemises that come with matching bottoms, and tees/shorts sets are all so lustworthy. I love how everything has great mix-n-match potential, as well as for layering!

See? Such pretty colors!

Arin Robinson & Jessie Zinke, sisters and creators of Zinke Intimates

Shelley bralet & panty in chartreuse! Also comes in flamingo (pink) and pool (blue).

The Leslie bralet & panty in flamingo. I want this in chartreuse! Okay, also in flamingo, let's be serious. This bra would be great under a Seneca print babydoll to wear out during the summer!

The Catalina bralet and panty in pool, but in cotton pointelle. I asked Arin if more cotton pieces were in the works, but it's doubtful due to rising cotton prices.

The Seneca print romper! HOW CUTE IS THIS? Sorry about the caps lock, I really love this. Can't wait for the bralet & panty to arrive in stores. I told Arin & Jessie that I'd love to have sheets with this print. I'm hoping it'll happen someday.

 And a special lacy peek at what's in store for Fall...

See more photos on the Pretty Little Underthings' Facebook page!

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