Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ARI DEIN Autumn/Winter 2011 Press Preview

I had the super-chic privilege of previewing ARI DEIN's A/W 2011 collection on Monday evening at the Waldorf-Astoria. I'll just say that not only does Arielle know how create some of the most elegant intimates I've seen, but the Lioness' Den is simply fabulous.

Champagne & Vosges chocolate truffles (so delicious that even the models indulged throughout the night) along with Barbarella playing on the TV were the perfect accompaniments to the gorgeous silk Spring/Summer and Fall collections on display near the windows. The pieces seemed to take on a new life in the Waldorf suite; seeing them together—instead of seeing them in a book or singular photos online—showed such progression over the past few short seasons. 

I'll say it—I just freakin' cannot wait to see what else is in the future for this line. Amazing things, no doubt. Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope that I'll win the lottery so I can buy everything, heyyy.
Spring florals that are perfect year-round. I die for the robe and the bralette. Let's be serious, if you don't either than you must be blind.

"Les Ondes Oyster Ombre" bralette. I gladly embrace ruffles, especially in this delicate bralette with tiered colors.
Les modeles avec la creative directrice (I know my French is off, I'm too tired to double check that one)

ARI DEIN's Classic Boutique Hotel Collection in Fall's colors - a rusty pink and cream

Models wearing the Fall collection. I adore the Original Oyster screen print pieces on the model all the way on the right. It's so subtle and makes you do a double-take.

Coconut truffles and ARI DEIN. Let's be serious—if I didn't have some iota of self-control, I probably would have tried to take that platter home. Don't judge, you probably would've wanted to as well.

Check out a few more photos on Pretty Little Underthings' Facebook page!

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