Thursday, January 20, 2011

Say Hi to Thursday: Key Lime Set by Jenna Leigh

Say Hi to Thursday, a special day of the week when there's only one more work day before a glorious weekend awaits. Pretty Little Underthings will showcase a weekend-perfect piece we'd love to wear.

Key Lime Set by Jenna Leigh
I'M TIRED OF WINTER ALREADY. I just want sweet sunshine and warm weather again. But it's only January, so I know I'll have to be patient. Luckily, Jenna Leigh made this super-cute, super-sunny set for Anthropologie and it'll have to hold us over until we get some real sunshine again. 

Sizing note: a small may not fit properly in the bust if you're an A. Larger A's/Small B's might have some luck, but none for smaller than that, sadly. I love long-line bralettes so I was a little sad when it didn't fit right in the cups, though my bank account cried for joy. (Yes, I tried it on—I couldn't help it. It was just sitting there, looking so bright and cheery! Don't judge. You would've done it too.)

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