Monday, November 29, 2010

Innerwear As Outerwear: Vanessa Bruno Crepe de Chine Debardeur

I'm a big fan of wearing underpinnings as outerwear, and tend to do so a lot with camisoles because it's so easy. (Pro tip: I like to occasionally visit the sale racks at Anthropologie to see what kinds of camis they have on sale. I've found a few that work pretty well as sleepwear, but are even cuter as a tank top with a fun bra underneath!) The key is to find a style that's doesn't scream "pajamas!", like this one.
This gorgeous silk Vanessa Bruno camisole is perrrrrrfect for wearing out during the day. Wear it under a blazer or a cardigan with jeans & boots on the weekend, or even with a perfectly-tailored suit for work. Also perfect with high-waisted jeans or a skirt to wear out at night, 'cos a sexy keyhole back with two buttons is too alluring to pass up. I'm sure it's great to just wear at home, but why waste the pretty? Let everyone see it!

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