Monday, November 29, 2010

Caring For Your Pretty Little Underthings

I was at Journelle Flatiron last weekend picking up a couple of pretty things. At cash wrap, the woman who had been in front of me paid, then started debating the travel-size bottles of The Laundress Stain Solution and Delicate Wash

She seemed skeptical and her guy just shrugged his shoulders, so I told her, "Definitely try it—it's really effective and it's a lot gentler on your lingerie. And it smells good." 

"Well, I usually just use shampoo," she said.

"Oh, I used to do that too, but depending on what type of shampoo you're using, it could have a lot of unnecessary chemicals and ingredients that could damage your lingerie," I said. "When I realized that, I converted to this stuff."

"Very true. Okay, I'm sold. If I'm spending this much money on my bras then I might as well use it, right?" 

These are my two go-to washes for my lingerie: Eberjey Pure Delicate Wash & The Laundress Delicate Wash. I bought The Laundress one wayyy back in February (seriously, that's how long it's lasted me!) and received the Eberjey over the summer one as part of a Journelle goody bag when they were celebrating their new site launch. 

I'm a bit more liberal with how much of the Eberjey wash I use than directed on the label, whereas a little bit of The Laundress wash goes a very, very long way. Both are equally as effective, so I think preference comes down to the scent. They both have very soft floral scent, though the Eberjey one is a tad bit sweeter. What I do love about the Eberjey wash is that the scent lasts on bras for days, even after they've been worn, and my entire apartment smells like the wash while my lingerie is air-drying.

I know it seems like a lot of work to hand-wash and air dry all of your intimates. It does take some effort, but I'd rather hand wash them than pull destroyed lingerie out of the washer/dryer. Your bras have an average life span of 5-6 months (depending on how often you wear them and how they are stored), and throwing them into a machine is guaranteed to make the elastic break down even faster. 

Also, as the daughter of a dry cleaner, I also have an aversion to throwing anything silk into a washer, so I'll take the time to wash my lingerie by hand. Spend a little money on the wash and save a lot by not having to buy replacement underthings when the washer eats them!

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