Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stirrup Leggings: Yay or Nay?

My coworker was searching for new jeans online the other week, and she came across a lot of jeggings, leggings, then stirrup leggings. Yes—STIRRUP LEGGINGS. I nearly died when she mentioned them, and suddenly all of wonderful memories of the cute (and incredibly comfortable) outfits my mom used to buy me in elementary school came to mind. Like, tops with cute (sometimes neon) prints and ribbons and matching bottoms that oftentimes were—you guessed it—stirrup leggings. (I mean, come on, it was the 90's).

Then the next day on the bus, I saw a woman wearing stirrup leggings but she was probably in her 60's, so I'm guessing she's had 'em for awhile. 

And then a few days ago, I found these on The new and improved stirrup leggings for 2010-2011. 
So, I'm not gonna lie, aside from the atrocious price tag, I kinda love them. Soft black jersey, cute buttons and a higher-rise waist to avoid accidental plumber's crack, and the stirrup would ensure that the legs don't ride up and twist around throughout the day. However, I feel like one con would be the difficulty in tailoring the length. If you have shorter legs like me, these are bound to be too long and the stirrup is kinda moot, no?

What do you think about stirrup leggings? Should we leave 'em in the '90's or let them come back if they promise to cooperate with everyone?

Eternitees Jersey Stirrup Leggings by Lounge Lover, $150. Available at

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  1. Love the legging, but can't get away with the stir-up as i'm a shorter gal:o( Love those sandles....where can i get'em at??