Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Line: YarSi.b by JiYoung Baek

I'm not gonna lie—the last time I listened to any K-Pop (Korean pop music) was in 9th grade, and if I've listened to any in the past year, it's from 1998. But I recently read that K-Pop star JiYoung Baek recently launched her own line of lingerie, and some investigative Googling led to these few images:
I'm not completely convinced that it'll take off, since these few shots show styles that are quite similar to pieces you can find at Victoria's Secret or any department store, so her celebrity status will have to pull a lot of weight for her line.

Another interesting issue is how her runway show was televised. I guess Korean society is has been leaning towards a more liberal view on dress and skin exposure in the past several years. Other K-pop female bands have been showing bared midriffs and some cleavage, which was extremely rare to see just 8 years ago. 

I wonder if YarSi.b will "inspire" other female celebrities to start their own lines, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

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