Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kickstarted: The Loved One Lingerie!

I first learned about The Loved One Lingerie when I started following an adorable blog with gorgeous photography called Hannah and Landon. One link led to another, and I learned that New York-based Hannah Metz partnered up with LA-based Elvia Lahman to create The Loved One, a vintage consulting and curation team.
Hannah and Elvia set up a Kickstarter project to help fund the creation of their new lingerie line, which will launch for this holiday season and will consist of four different panties and a bra. Thanks to generous donations from 120 backers, they've breezed past their $4,500 goal with 11 days left!
(Side note: definitely visit the Kickstarter page and donate—their plan is detailed, open and the pledge bonuses for backers are so cute!)

The lovely ladies generously answered a few questions I had about their project:

PLU: I did a little research and can see that you both started a vintage consulting business together. I'd love to know what inspired you both to go full-force with this lingerie line, and why you chose the holidays to launch rather than have a bit more time and wait until spring? 
TLO: We are both holiday enthusiasts and we love the idea of sending out our collection as presents and getting cozy in the winter wearing The Loved One. We already have the collection designed and patterns made so we thought, why not get it going as soon as possible!

PLU: What has been the biggest challenge so far in getting this project off the ground?
TLO: Money!

PLU: Do you have any particular sources of inspiration to help you create the vintage look & feel of the pieces?
TLO: Vintage girly mags, old Frederick's of Hollywood catalogs, old films. We've gone through (and own) our fair share of vintage undergarments!

PLU: What will be the price range for the first collection of The Loved One Lingerie?
TLO: We're hoping around $30 to $150 for more elaborate ensembles.

PLU: Will the line be available for sale in your Etsy shop?
TLO: We're planning on adding a working store section to our website so customers can place their orders directly through us!

PLU: What advice would you give others who might be thinking about creating their own lingerie line?
TLO: It's absolutely a labor of love; just do it! This one is tricky as we're still trying to figure it out ourselves!

Congratulations ladies, for reaching your goal! I'm so thrilled that we'll be able to purchase these amazing pieces soon!
Photos courtesy of The Loved One via Kickstarter


  1. Thanks so much Esther, for your kind words and for giving us the opportunity to talk a little bit about our project! I've added you to our list of "loved ones" http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thelovedone/the-loved-one-lingerie/posts/27203 :D



  3. This is fantastic and sexy lingerie. I always find black lingerie sexy.

  4. You're right Anika, my husband find black lingerie really sexy. I consider black lingerie an essential part of seduction.